Yeni Cameroon White sesame seeds export from Cameroon

We are a company based in Cameroon which has a large quantity of sesame seeds available in Chad with delivery at fob price to the port of Douala.

sesame, sesame seed, herb, spice

  • Cameroon
  • Satış Teklifi

Yeni Sri Lanka Spice export offer from Sri Lanka

We are a Sri Lankan supplier of all kinds of oriental spices at affordable pricing

spice, condiment, seasoning

  • Sri Lanka
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Yeni India Bauxite ore to export from India

We saw your requirements for Bauxite Ore. We can supply in Turkey mines. Send your whatsapp number.

bauxite, bauxite ore, chemical

  • India
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Yeni Turkey Oxygen concentrator wanted from Turkey

1 x 20ft container load of 10L Oxygen Conentrator units for Export.

concentrator, oxygen concentrator

  • Turkey
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni China Bicycle export offer from China

We are a quite professional bike factory WWW.FSDBIKE.CN

bicycle, bike, electric bike

  • China
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Yeni United Kingdom Doner kebab equipments import to United Kingdom

I am looking complete doner kebab equipments for export to Somalia.

shawarma, doner kebab equipment, shawarma equipment

Yeni Vietnam Exporting of Reefer generator Vietnam

Generating reefer with 15kw and power pack

generator, reefer generator, generating reefer, reefer container, power generator

  • Vietnam
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Yeni Vietnam Cinnamon cassia selling from Vietnam

We are Manufacturer and exporter of cinnamon cassia in Vietnam.

cinnamon, cinnamon cassia, herb, spice

  • Vietnam
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Yeni Pakistan Surgical and dental instruments export offer Pakistan

We are manufacturer of surgical & beauty&deantl instrument specialist.

suture, dental, dental instrument, surgical material

  • Pakistan
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Yeni United Arab Emirates Eggs wholesale import to United Arab Emirates

Are you egg export for Dubai--UAE

egg, table egg, chicken egg