Yeni Israel Water bottling line requested from Israel

تعبئة مياه الكاسات ----- bottling water cups

machine, filling machine, bottling machine, water bottling, bottling line

  • Israel
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni Morocco Water bottling line wanted from Morocco

i need line to produce pur water from blowing pet bottel to labling and shrinking

machine, filling machine, bottling line, packaging machine

  • Morocco
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni Jordan Request for Water bottling line - Jordan

We would like to quote a water bottling line. For large bottles of size more than 15 L.

machine, filling machine, bottling line, water bottling line, jordan, packaging machinery

  • Jordan
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni Oman Water bottling line - importing to Oman

I would like to purchase and install a bottling water factory in Oman and I have got all permissions to build the factory.

machine, water bottling line, bottling line, water filling line, packaging machine, oman, packaging machinery

  • Oman
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni Sierra Leone Beverage packaging products requested from Sierra Leone

I need the bottles and crates for my beverage factory

drink packaging, beverage packaging, juice packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, sierra leone

Yeni Iraq Drinking water factory - Iraq to set up

I am looking for drinking water factory I want to pay factory

machine, water bottling, water bottling line, drinking water production, water packaging, iraq

  • Iraq
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Yeni Turkmenistan Water bottling line - Turkmenistan to set up

I am looking for a ready-made plant for the production and bottling of drinking water.

plant, water plant, water prodution, drinking water plant, drinking water production, water bottling line

Yeni Somalia Honey bottling machine - Somalia requested

I would like to know more about the honey packaging equipments.

equipment, honey packaging equipment, honey bottling machine, bottling machine, somalia

  • Somalia
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi

Algeria Mineral water bottling line request from Algeria

Please have a mineral water bottling project, I am looking to purchase 1 complete unit that fills 20,000 bph -bottle 1, 5 L and bottle of 0.50 cl. To clarify: 1 complete turnkey line 20,000 bph with the following machines:

machine, bottling line, water bottling line, filling machine, bottling machine, packaging machine, algeria, wrapping machine, cip washing machine, capping machine

  • Algeria
  • Alım Talebi
  • 10 Kredi