Новое Турция seller HALVA FROM TURKEY

wıht Plain halva for sale. wıht cocoa with pistachio..from TURKEY it ıs very delıcıous and very good qualıty.


Новое Израиль Steel pipes for construction

we are the biggest construction company here and we are looking to buY iron and pipe

steel pipe, steel pipes, pi̇pe, pi̇pes

Новое О.А.Э Vinyl Floorings

Please provide me with your quotations as per the following requirements:

vinyl flooring, flooring, floorings, vinyl floorings

  • О.А.Э
  • ?????
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Новое Великобритания Request of Turkish tea

We would like to find a turkish supplier of best quality

turkish tea, tea, beverages, beverage

Новое Ливия Power generators quotation

Kindly requested to give a quotation price & delivery time plus guarantee

power generator, power generators, generator, generators

  • Ливия
  • ?????
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Новое Мозамбик Cement 6600 tons

I need price, CIF Mauririus, for 6.600ton of cement 32,5 or 42,5 depending on the quality(bulk or big bag)

cements, cement

Новое Мозамбик Interested in Rebars

Can you please provide the best price CIF Maputo for the following:

rebar, rebars, reinforcement bars, reinforcement bar

Новое Сальвадор Plastic food containers

Please need the following quotation request:

plastic food containers, plastic containers, plastic container, food container, food containers, container

Новое Йемен Orthopedic products

We are very interested in all kinds of orthopedic products and hope to start a business with your company.

orthopedic product, orthopedic products, orthopedics

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Новое Турция Double A A4 Copy Paper

We are Looking for Double A copy paper 75 GSM / 80 GSM.

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