New Romania LPG skid system with dispenser inquiry from Romania

I actually want to make inquiry about the following products: An LPG skid system with dispenser and an LPG bobtail truck with rotor gauge meter respectively. if possible i would appreciate specifications of each

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New Iran Forklifts and spare parts supply in Iran

we are dealing with forklifts and spare parts and provide our customers with spare parts with any brands now I want to know if you can provide me spare parts of which brand ? and now we want the following seats :

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New South Africa Halal sweets wholesale import in South Africa

I would like to see your product range I am looking for a reliable supplier for export to south Africa.

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New Qatar Set up lubricants oils plant in Qatar

We are looking for leading companies in the field of oils of all kinds and greases for the work of a factory in Qatar in the partnership system

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New Tunisia Electronic extinguisher 1000 units buying RFQ from Tunisia

The price of electronic extinguisher is 2400 watts, Quantity 1000 is a extinguisher

electronic extinguisher , extinguisher , extinguishers

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New Libya Boots several types offer request from Libya

I am interesting to buy some Boots I would like to send me your products

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New Italy Concrete batching plants demand from Italy

We are looking for a cooperation for concrete batching plant

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New Ghana Doors for hotels and luxury apartments inquiry from Ghana

I am interested in Timber Doors. I am particularly looking for timber doors for special projects like hotels and luxury apartments.

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New Moldova Pumpkin seed harvesting machines request from Moldova

We are interesed in some of Pumpkin seed harvesting machines

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New Jordan Sodium bicarbonate food grade ordering from Jordan

pl offer your lowest competitive price1fcl sodium bicarbonate food grade c&f aqab

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New Algeria Industrial cooler purchasing RFQ from Algeria

Please send your best offer For the following product: INDUSTRIAL COOLER REF DCA T 2714

industrial cooler , coolers , cooler

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New Bulgaria Glucose syrup for confectionery request from Bulgaria

We are a Bulgarian confectionary and we are looking for a supplier of a certain glucose syrup.

glucose syrup for confectionery , glucose syrup

New Romania Laminated high density parquet requied for a project in Romania

Project to build 150 houses beginning with 25 houses this year. Quantities 3000sq.m this year. Please send catalogue and price list.

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New Russia Home textile products to distribute in Russia

I looking for partnership any company from Turkey.

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New Romania Home interior and exterior modern lights needed in Romania

Project to build 150 houses beginning with 25 houses this year. Quantities 3000 sqm this year. Please send catalogue and price list.

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New Georgia Sanitaryware items asked from Georgia

sizinle çalışmak istiyoruz, bana bir katalog ve fiyat göndermek

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New United Kingdom Chocolate products catalog request from United Kingdom

Please could you send me a brochure of the range of products you can produce?

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New Saudi Arabia Truck spare parts demand from Saudi Arabia

for hino truck isuzu truck nissan truck mitsubshi truck

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New United Arab Emirates Stainless steel cookwares offer request from United Arab Emirates

Our company is interested in your products.

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New Saudi Arabia Quotation anti riot gear, helmets, baton needed in Saudi Arabia

we are going to participate on, below are the main points: • 2 samples of each items with the offer. • Qty: 2, 000 Anti riot gear • Dead time to submit your offer with the samples:1.07.2017

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