Новое Romania Galvanized wire - price request - Romania

I want a price offer for galvanized wire diameter 1 mm

wire, galvanized wire, romania, steel wire

  • Romania
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Новое Slovenia Enquiry for lpg tank trailer to import to Slovenia

I need new 10 pcs lpg semi trailers,45 m3,3 axle ,with pump, built with regulations for EU

trailer, semi trailer, semi-trailer, semitrailer, lpg trailer, lpg semi trailer, lpg semi-trailer

  • Slovenia
  • ?????
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Новое Oman Volvo spare parts - purchasing - Oman

I have export company for Volvo spare parts And I need to export from you parts to Oman

spare, car part, car spare part, auto spare part, engine part, chassis part, oman, brake system

  • Oman
  • ?????
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Новое Turkey Chocolate - buying request - Turkiye

1 = Laviva chocolates (laviva) 2 = Nutella chocolate, package of 750 g and 400 g 3 = Snickers + Mars + Bounty + Tux

chocolate, biscuit, laviva chocolate, nutella chocolate, snickers, turkiye

  • Turkey
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Новое Canada Interested in A4 Paper / Canada

I am interested in A4 paper

paper, a4, a4 paper, copy paper, canada

  • Canada
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Новое Bangladesh Enquiry for Calcium Carbonate to import to Bangladesh

Looking for calcium carbonate

calcium carbonate, calcium, carbonate, bangladesh

Новое Kazakhstan Morels mashroom - selling offer - Kazakhstan

I have a company Kazakhstan, I sell morels if you are interested you can contact

morels, mashroom, morels mashroom, kazakhstan

Новое Algeria Paper Food Packaging to import to Algeria

Interessting about paper food Packaging.

paper, packaging, paper packaging, paper food packaging, food paper packaging, algeria

  • Algeria
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое Lithuania Offer request - Baby diapers - Lithuania

Planning to go into baby diaper business. I would like to have your catlogue for your products, the cost, the quality, cost of shipping to Nigeria.

diaper, baby diaper, lithuania

  • Lithuania
  • ?????
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