Новое Шри Ланка Frozen vegetables importing - Sri Lanka

We are looking for frozen vegetables supplier to sri lanka market

frozen vegetable, frozen vegetables, vegetable, vegetables

Новое Германия Multi purpose blankets import - Germany

Can you deliver Multi Purpose blankets for protecting furniture for example?

blanket, blankets, home textile, multi purpose blankets

Новое Турция We Sell Chairs and Tables

We manufacture polyproblyne chairs, polycarbonate (Transparent) chairs and wood chairs. At the same time we manufacture wood tables and mdf tables.

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Новое Йемен Sewer vacuum truck importing - Yemen

I need an offer for 12,000 litters Sewer Vacuum / Cesspit Tanker Mounted on Truck complete with all accessories

cesspit tankers, cesspit tanker, sewer vacuum, sewer vacuum trucks, sewer vacuum truck

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Новое Чад Dialysis machine importing - Chad

I would like to have a brochure of medical equipment, as well as dialysis machines with dialysis kits

dialysis machines, dialysis machine, dialysis kit, dialysis kits, medical equipments, medical equipment

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Новое Бангладеш Bangladesh - Laptop battery importing

I am in search of a reliable laptop battery manufacturer.

laptop batteries, laptop battery, computer parts, computer battery, computer batteries

Новое Оман Yarn spinning machines import - Oman

looking for small size rotor spinning machine for short-staple cotton yarn

yarn spinning machines, rotor spinning machine, yarn machinery, textile machinery, yarn production

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Новое Босния и Герцеговина Bosnia and Herzegovina - Yarn raw material import

I need yarn raw material in the cone spools from 16/2 until 32/2.

yarns, yarn, yarn raw material

Новое Египет Generator parts importing to Egypt

I am looking for supplier for spare parts for generators

generator part, generator parts, generators, generator