New USA Steel doors needed to import to USA

I am interesting in steel doors in 40' hq container from manufacturers only

steel doors , doors , door

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New Georgia Industrial steel pipes purchasing request from Georgia

Need steel pipes with size 101, 6/2, 5 8M. Or 101, 6/2, 2 8M.

industrial pipes , steel pipes , pipes

New Mauritius Tissue paper required to import to Mauritius

I would like to Import tissu paper

tissue paper

New Morocco Request for mobile thermal compressor from Morocco

We need price of: - System of compressor with fixed air - Mobile thermal compressor Low-pressure

mobile compressor , thermal compressor , compressor systems

New Tunisia Street lighting products enquiry to import to Tunisia

We are looking for a well known supplier for street lights ballasts, capacitors and ignitors.

street lighting , lighting products

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New Morocco Enquiry of laser cutting machine to import to Morocco

Thanks to send me information about your machine

laser cutting , cutting machine , metalworking machine

New Iraq Man clothings buying demand from Iraq

Erkek giyim yabancı markalar bana lazm

man clothings , clothing , clothes , garments , apparels

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New Syria 2-pack filter for yeast lab inquiry to import to Syria

We are asking you to request a quote for the filter group 2 with the accessories of the yeast plant.

2-pack filter , yeast lab

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New United Kingdom Suppliers of products and services required in UK

We urgently want Turkish suppliers of goods and services to be offered to customers in the UK.

products , services

New Egypt Cellphones buying demand from Egypt

I want to know the best suppliers of mobiles in Turkey.

cellphones , cellphone , smartphone

New South Africa Shoes purchasing request from South Africa

Please may you send me clothing and shoe catalogues made in Turkey

shoes , leather shoes , flat shoes , high heel

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New Algeria Sanitarywares demanded to import to Algeria

I'm looking for manufacturers

sanitarywares , sanitaryware

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New Morocco Demanding of indoor slippers to import to Morocco

Pls can you help to find the factories of indoor slipper in turkey

indoor slippers , slippers , slipper

New India Requiring of chromic acid to import to India

Require 20-25 mt of chromic acid every month.

chromic acid , chemicals , chemical materials

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New Libya Accu chek strips purchasing demand from Libya

I am looking for accu chek strips

accu-chek strips , test strips , blood glucose , glucose testing

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New Georgia Promotional items required to import to Georgia

Our company is looking for branded plastic Christmas tree ball supplier

promotional items , promotional products , promotions

New South Africa Woman garments needed to import to South Africa

I am looking for ladies clothing manufacturers in Turkey.

woman garments , ladies apparels , clothes , clothing , plus size , casual clothes , comfort wear , home wear

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New South Africa Clothings buying demand from South Africa

Please may you send me clothing and shoe catalogues made in Turkey

clothings , clothes , garments , apparels , outerwear , casual , formal , street wear

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New United Kingdom FMCG price and catalogue request from UK

I'm looking to import fast selling lines to the uk

fmcg products , cosmetics , oral hygiene , cosmetic products , home care , personal care , fast food , canned meal