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New South Africa Jewellery products import inquiry from South Africa

I'm searching for suppliers of good craftmanship in the art, decor, design, jewellery, silk and leather industries.

jewellery products , jewellery , jewelry

New South Africa Inquiry for jewellery from South Africa

I'm searching for suppliers of good craftmanship in the art, decor, design, jewellery, silk and leather industries.

jewellery , jewelry , precious stones , gold jewellery , precious jewellery , silver jewelry

New United Kingdom Jewelry import request from UK

Looking for producers of fine jewellery, mainly silver with precious and semi-precious stones

jewelry , jewellery

New Somalia Demanding of jewelry to import to Somalia

More information about the jewelry

jewelry , jewellery , gold jewellery , silver jewellery

  • Somalia
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New South Africa Oxydized fashion jewelry buying request from South Africa

I am looking for oxydized fashion jewelry to purchase for my shop in South Africa

oxydized jewelry , fashion jewelry , jewellery , jewelry

New South Africa Jewellery sets buying demand from South Africa

Looking forward to buy wholesale jewelries.

jewellery sets , jewellery , jewelry , wholesale

New Bulgaria Woman jewellery buying request from Bulgaria

I am looking to find good quality , but low cost women's clothing and accessories . Bags , costume jewelry etc , but not shoes .

woman jewellery , jewellery , jewelry

  • Bulgaria
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New Portugal Enquiry to import bracelets to Portugal

We need braceletes fôr watches in genuine leather

bracelets , bracelet , jewellery , jewelry

  • Portugal
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New United Arab Emirates Import inquiry on diamond from UAE

I want diamond plated pieces i want to buy by pieces not Wholsaler

diamond , precious stones

New Mayotte Jewelry products all kinds to import to Mayotte

We are looking for suppliers in the field of ready to wear and accessories, shoes, jewelry and fantasy, perfume, cosmetics and accessories.

jewellery , jewelry , precious jewellery , semi precious , gold processed

  • Mayotte
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New United Kingdom Jewellery items wholesale supply inquiry from United Kingdom

I am also interested in scarves , abayas , shawls , jewellery and clothing .

jewellery items , jewellery , jewelry

New Egypt Beach life accessories to import in Egypt

Seeking clothes, jewelry, accessories, hays, sunglasses, that are related to the beach vibe

beach life , beach accessories , jewellery , jewelry , sunglasses

  • Egypt
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New South Africa Women's jewellery to supply in South Africa

I need supply who can supply me with clothes bags hair pieces and jewellery

women's jewellery , jewellery , jewelry

New Netherlands Jewellery products importing demand from Netherlands

Could you send me a list of manufacturers of jewellery manufacturers in Turkey (bigger - reliable manufacturers)? We are sourcing for men rings at this moment.

jewellery products , jewellery , jewelry

New Lebanon Semi-precious stones buying request from Lebanon

I would like to have a list of the manufucteres, and dealers in semi -precious stones specially the zultanite!

semi-precious stones , semi-precious , jewellery , jewelry

  • Lebanon
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New India Jewellery and accessories to import to India

I will be very much appreciated, if you could send me more details about your artificial jewellery

jewellery , jewellery accessories

  • India
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New Canada Canadian client wants to buy jewellery

Interested in your line of 21K and 22K Jewellery.

jewellery , jewelry

  • Canada
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New Albania Albanian company in need of jewellery

I am interested on wholesale jewelry & accessories

jewellery , jewelry

  • Albania
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New Ecuador Jewellery and evil eye products import to Ecuador

I'm looking for suppliers of jewelery with Turkish eyes and other protective images

jewellery , evil eye , jewelry

  • Ecuador
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