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New United Kingdom Truck brake systems parts demand from United Kingdom

I am interested in brake chamber and other truck parts

truck brake systems parts , brake systems parts , truck parts , truck spares

New United Kingdom Weaving yarns inquiry from UK

I am interested in looking and your fabrics of weaving yarns/knitted cotton blends etc, I create beachwear, and am researching for a wholesaler.

weaving yarns , yarns , yarn

New United Kingdom Bar stools 100 pcs needed for a restaurant in United Kingdom

I would like to by about 100 metal, bar , stools (high chairs ) for a restaurant.

bar stools , bar stool , stools , stool

New United Kingdom Fertilizer spreaders import inquiry from United Kingdom

We are looking for a supplier/ manufacturer of 32/36 coulter seed drills and also tractor mounted Fertilizer spreaders.

fertilizer spreaders , fertilizer spreader

New United Kingdom Electric scooters buying inquiry from United Kingdom

I am interested to know if you sell electric scooters?

electric scooters , scooters , scooter

New United Kingdom Corn planting machine request from United Kingdom

We are interested in a 32-36 coulter corn sowing drill, please let us know if you manufacture these

corn planting machine , corn planting , corn planting equipments

New United Kingdom Pizza sauces wholesale import inquiry from United Kingdom

250 civari toptanci musterisi olan ve yillik 200 kontainer pizza kutusu satan bir sirketiz. Takriben yillik 20-25 kontainerlik pizza sosu pazarimiz var. Kendi markamizla ve kendi speklerimizde bizimle calismak isteyen

pizza sauces , pizza sauce

New United Kingdom Men's wear clothing private label inquiry from United Kingdom

I m from UK starting a menswear clothing brand .

men's wear clothing , private label , menswear , clothes for men , clothing for men

New United Kingdom Sportswear items private label request from United Kingdom

In particular a large percentage of my clients are activewear and sports apparel brands.

sportswear items , sportswear

New United Kingdom Small scale juice production line needed in United Kingdom

We are looking for small scale juice beverage production line , can you send me quotation for 330 -500ml plastic bottle with screw cap price

small scale juice production line , juice production line , juice production machine , juice production equipments

New United Kingdom Bespoke metal shelving inquiry from United Kingdom

I am looking for manufacturers capable of producing bespoke metal racking / shelving.

bespoke metal shelving , metal shelving , metal shelves

New United Kingdom Steel lockers price request from United Kingdom

I am looking for best price on the this furniture

steel lockers , lockers

New United Kingdom Chairs tables desks to export to United Kingdom

I am looking for best price on the this furniture

chairs , tables , desks , furnitures

New United Kingdom Galvanized metal components to be supplied to United Kingdom

I am looking for suppliers who can produce components for the telecommunication and utilities sectors. The components can be categorized as (1) pressed parts (2) fasteners and (3) fabricated from tube or sheet steel.

galvanized metal components , galvanized components , metal components

New United Kingdom Leather ladies purses/wallets request from United Kingdom

I am interested in extending this business into some other items to sell and would like some nice ladies purses.

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New United Kingdom Shoulder bags and purses inquiry from United Kingdom

Im looking for a manufacturer of women's shoulder bags and purses in classic carpet design, but with a smooth, silky finish

shoulder bags , purses , bags , bag

New United Kingdom Bed Sheets, towels prices asked in United Kingdom

Please send me the details along with the prices for above products

bed sheets , towels , bed sheet , towel

New United Kingdom Mobile crane on truck offer request from United Kingdom

Specification and quantity of Cranes with Vehicles. Technical Specifications: Crane with Truck Height of 30 Meters 1. Model Years 2018 Quantity: 1 Capacity : 32000 lbs at 5 feet radius - Telescopic Boom 3

mobile crane on truck , crane , cranes , mobile crane

New United Kingdom Clothing products offer request from United Kingdom

Manufacturing for clothing brand in some quantities.

clothing products , clothes , clothing , outerwear , denim wear , underwear , leather wear , casual wear , formal wear , street wear