Turks and Caicos Islands

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New Turks and Caicos Islands Importing of gas concrete to Turks and Caicos Islands

We are looking for Turkish gasbeton manufacturers

gas concrete , concrete

Yeni Turks ve Caicos Adaları TÜRKİYE'den ayakkabı pençesi istiyor

Ayakkabı pençeleri ve saya ithal etmek istiyoruz

ayakkabı pençesi , saya , ihracat , ithalat , import , export , yurtdışı , mal alım

New Turks and Caicos Islands Shoe soles and shoe upper modes required in Turkey

Please can you provide me the prices of the following items 1- full automatic oil pressure toe lasting machine 9 (claws) or pincer. qty. 1 2- new automatic heal lasting machine qty. 1 3- Wall Type All-purpose sole

buy , import , purchase , inquiry , request , demand , Shoe soles and shoe upper modes

Yeni Turks ve Caicos Adaları TURKS ve CAICOS ADALARI firması kablo imalatçıları arıyor

Kablo ve tel ithal etmek istiyoruz

kablo , tel

New Turks and Caicos Islands Cable Wire

We are very happy of writing to you a letter, but we have a client is interested in of purchasing cable wire from you please reply through our mail a address and we give full details. Hope to hear from you soon.

Cable Wire

New Turks and Caicos Islands Steel dishwashing wool

I try to find manufacturers of steel dishwashing wool in Turkey

Steel dishwashing wool

جديد جزر تركس وكايكوس منتجات أشتات

نبحث عن الموردين أدوات المنزلية ، منتجات أشتات ،أدوات يدوية من تركيا

منتجات أشتات

Новое Острова Теркс и Кайкос Медицинская продукция

Медицинская продукция

Медицинская продукция

Yeni Turks ve Caicos Adaları Çeşitli ürünler ithal etmek istiyor

Süper marketim için küçük miktarlarda çeşitli ürünler, el aletleri, ilk yardım kitleri almak istiyorum

çeşitli ürünler , el aletleri , ilk yardım kitleri

New Turks and Caicos Islands Import sundries items - Medical Products

Dear Sirs please to inform you that I have super market sail most the items need in the home like sundries items and hand tools first aid plaster etc so please inform if you can supply me this items in small