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New Turkmenistan Clothes men and women (shirt, t-shirt, knitwear etc.)

Clothes men and women (shirt, t-shirt, knitwear etc.)

Clothes , Clothes men and women , t-shirt , knitwear

New Turkmenistan Extrusion system for foil manufacturing inquiry from Turkmenistan

Can I find out the prices and get acquainted with the characteristics of the following products: 1. Extrusion system for manufacturing foil 2. Crushing machine

extrusion system for foil manufacturing , extrusion system , foil extrusion systems , extrusion machines

New Turkmenistan Polyurethane adhesives required in Turkmenistan

Polyurethane adhesive for sports grounds

polyurethane adhesives , adhesives , adhesive

New Turkmenistan Red EPDM rubber crumbs needed in Turkmenistan

I am looking for red rubber crumbs

red epdm rubber crumbs , rubber crumbs , rubber raw materials , rubber granules

New Turkmenistan Wool carding machine required in Turkmenistan

I am looking for yün cirpma makinesi

wool carding machine , wool carding , carding machines , textile machinery

New Turkmenistan 100% Cotton Bedding Set

100% Cotton Bedding Set Saten, saten jacquard, ranforce, flannel, cretone

100% Cotton , Bedding Set , 100% Cotton Bedding Set , saten , saten jacquard , ranforce , flannel , cretone

New Turkmenistan Sandwich panels inquiry from Turkmenistan

Sandwich panel Please reply to the post

sandwich panel , sandwich panels

New Turkmenistan Client from Turkmenistan interested in wedding tent

I am looking for wedding tent for the wedding parties

wedding tent , ceremony tents

New Turkmenistan Wedding dowries to supply in Turkmenistan

I am looking for women's Wedding doweries for couples for present them

wedding dowries

New Turkmenistan Transformer KTP buying RFQ from Turkmenistan

Yılda 200 ton et üreten bir boğa yapıyoruz. Ve KTPN'ye ihtiyacımız var.

transformer ktp , transformer , transformers

New Turkmenistan Kids playgrounds buy inquiry from Turkmenistan

Bize çocuk parkı için oyun grubu lazım.

kids playgrounds , playground

New Turkmenistan Roofing sandwich panels required in Turkmenistan

Color-green, the sheets should be in the form of profiled sheeting, thickness-0.5 mm, length -12.5 m, roofing sheets, 780 square meters.

roofing sandwich panels , roofing panels , roofing , sandwich panels

New Turkmenistan Turkmenistan to demand wool yarn spinning machines from Turkey

We are looking for wool yarn spinning product line.

wool yarn spinning machines , wool yarn spinning , wool yarn spinning equipments , yarn spinning

New Turkmenistan Turkmenistan to buy wool spinning machine from Turkey

Hali iplikciligi icin uretim hatti makinalara ihtiyacimiz var

wool spinning machine , wool spinning , wool spinning equipments

New Turkmenistan Pet plastics needed in Turkmenistan

We are interesting about Turkiye PET plastics for soft drinks and water

pet plastics , plastic packing , plastic bottles , plastic packages , bottles for drinks , bottles for beverages

New Turkmenistan Packing machine needed to buy from Turkey to Turkmenistan

I searching pack machine for dervent powder.

packing machine , packing equipments