Sierra Leone

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New Sierra Leone Paraffin wax for candles request from Sierra Leone

Fully refined paraffin wax for candle manufacturing

paraffin wax for candles , paraffin wax , petrochemicals , paraffin

New Sierra Leone Motorcycles made in Turkey needed in Sierra Leone

please advise if you sell motorcycles in africa kindly advise you company models in 100 to 150cc that you think are suitable for african market.

motorcycle , motorcycles

New Sierra Leone Body shampoo and cream buy inquiry from Sierra Leone

Help me with company that make a body shampoo and body crime.

body shampoo , body cream , personal care products , hygiene products , personal hygiene products , cosmetics

New Sierra Leone Skincare cosmteics and shampoo required in Sierra Leone

I am in need of your products like skins care and shampoo for body.

skincare cosmetics , shampoo , cosmetics , cosmetic

New Sierra Leone XLPE Cables price request from Sierra Leone

we are looking for a company that can supply xlpe 11kv cables, transformers, etc etc

xlpe cables , xlpe cable , cables , cable

New Sierra Leone APC Backup batteries price inquiry from Sierra Leone

i need quotation for APC BACK UP BATTERIES FROM 650 TO 3500 UPS unit cost for each.

apc backup batteries , backup batteries , apc batteries

New Sierra Leone General merchandise FMCGs agency request from Sierra Leone

we kindly looking for business facilitation with companies in Turkey doing business with companies in sierra Leone.

fmcg , food products , foodstuff

New Sierra Leone Prepaid Meter import demand from Sierra Leone

we are looking for 2 and 3 phase prepaid meters. please email me asap.

prepaid meter , prepaid meters

New Sierra Leone Rebars and H beams price request from Sierra Leone

we are looking for 3000 tons of Rebars and 1000 tons of H beams please email me and let me know what you can offer.

rebars , h beams

New Sierra Leone Medical Equipments to supply in Sierra Leone

I am looking for a supplier of medical equipment to supply the Govt of Sierra Leone for its new hospitals.

medical equipments

New Sierra Leone Import Furniture to Sierra Leone

we are interested to Import Furniture from Turkey.


New Sierra Leone Car batteries needed in Sierra Leone

we are looking to import car batteries to sierra leone west africa kindly advise models, types, sizes and prices

car batteries

New Sierra Leone Building Materials to impor tto Sierra Leone


building materials , construction materials

New Sierra Leone A4 paper import price inquiry from Sierra Leone

kindly email me the prices of your A4 papers to my email

a4 paper , paper , papers

New Sierra Leone Inquiry of air conditioner from Sierra Leone

As you can see our companies will like to buy AIR CONDITIONER and import it to West Africa. Please let me know which types you have and cost and your swift response is highly needed in this case.

air conditioner , air conditioners

New Sierra Leone Quotation for rebars required in Sierra Leone

Hello kindly send me quotation for rebars as below specification : Length 11.40 m Thickness: 8 , 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 mm Qty: 250 Ton

Quotation , rebars , required , iron , steel , construction

New Sierra Leone Agricultural tools buy inquiry from Sierra Leone

We are looking for container loads of agricultural tools like spade, pick axe, headpan, shovel.

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New Sierra Leone Reinforcing iron bars import inquiry from Sierra Leone

I work in a construction company, and we exhaust up to 60 tons each month. we would like to know how can we cooperate to buy iron bars directly from you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Reinforcing iron bars , Sierra Leone

New Sierra Leone Reinforcing iron bars import to Sierra Leone

Dear, We would like to know how can we cooperate to do business in construction reinforcing iron bars. We have a construction company in Sierra Leone, western africa. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Reinforcing , iron , bars , import , Sierra Leone

New Sierra Leone Machinery for Outdoor advertising materials inquiry from Sierra Leone

1. Machinery/equipment that cuts/produces 3D advertising letterings using perspect and other materials. 2. Various machines that are used in the production of outdoor advertising concepts.

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