Puerto Rico

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New Puerto Rico Automotive spare parts import to Puerto Rico

looking for Exporter of auto parts. Specially Japan and Korean brands sold in USA

spare, spare part, chassis part, brake system, engine part

New Puerto Rico Ammunition and Fire Arms to import to Puerto Rico


ammunition, bullet, ammo, weapon, fire arm

New Puerto Rico Looking for Industrial glasses - Puerto Rico

Float Glass Sheets and Laminated Glass

glass, laminated glass, float glass sheet, industrial glasses, building glasses, puerto rico

New Puerto Rico Traumatic pistol with rubber bullets - import to Puerto Rico

Want to find if you can send it to Puerto Rico , without any problems

pistol, bullet, rubber bullet, traumatic pistol, puerto rico

New Puerto Rico Clothing - wholesale import to Puerto Rico

We are interested in quality distributors to sell in our business

clothes, clothing, formal shirt, designer shirt, fashion clothes, garment, dresses, tshirt, shirt, pant, knitwear, hoody, sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweater, hoodies, jacket, coat, puerto rico

Puerto Rico Jewelry - buying request - Porto Rico

I’m very interesting in Turkey jewerly

jewelry, jewellery, gold processed jewelry, silver jewellery, porto rico

New Puerto Rico Mattress and Bed Base importing to Puerto Rico

interested iwc bonnel and metal frames

mattresses, mattress, bed, bed base, metal frame, individually wrapped coil, iwc mattress, puerto rico

Puerto Rico Aluminum profiles - price request from Puerto Rico

I am interested in marketing aluminum profiles for the manufacture of doors and windows

aluminum, aluminum profile, puerto rico

New Puerto Rico Inquiry for Powder detergent - Puerto Rico

looking for a powder detergent OEM manufacturer

detergent, powder detergent, puerto rico