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Papua New Guinea Medical Equipments - purchasing - Papua New Guinea

looking for 10 units of negative pressure wound treatment machine, 20 OT suction machines of 2 jars and 5 portable suction

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Papua New Guinea Request for PPE products - Papua New Guinea

we are looking for a reliable PPE supplier mainly for surgical non woven disposable gowns ,face shield gloves

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New Papua New Guinea Order request of A4 paper to import to Papua New Guinea

I'd like order paper etc

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New Papua New Guinea Deformed bars buying

We seek companies who can quote for bulk construction steel such as deformed bars / concrete reinforcing mesh

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New Papua New Guinea A4 paper buying request from Papua New Guinea

Please send me more information on your a4 copy paper 80gsm and the different brand.

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Papua New Guinea Macrame rope buying inquiry from Papua New Guinea

I am looking for a supplier of quality macrame rope

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Papua New Guinea Dental instruments requested to import in Papua New Guinea

I need dental instruments and looking for possible suppliers

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New Papua New Guinea Tires purchasing from Papua New Guinea

I am looking for good quality new tires.

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Papua New Guinea Reinforcing bars 1200 ton import to Papua New Guinea

Could you please send me a price for 1200mt of 12metre rebar including shipping price to Papua New Guinea for the above grade of bar.

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New Papua New Guinea I.V. Fluid Manufacturing Plant Proposal For Papua New Guinea

Dear Sirs, My company hopes to build a first ever Medical I.V. Plant in my country Papua New Guinea. I seek a potential manufacturer to partner with me for this endeavor. Please direct me to the best manufacturerd nd I could take it from there. Kindest regards,

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