Myanmar (Burma)

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New Myanmar (Burma) Steam boiler importing to Myanmar

I am looking for model# WSTB40 ton/hr.-20bar

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Myanmar (Burma) Electrical cables

As bellow our request of the cable would you please send us your price and and availibuility

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New Myanmar (Burma) Sunflower Oil

We would like to know the manufactures, suppliers of Sunflower oil from Turkey.

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Myanmar (Burma) Want to buy Hardware

I just Find Turkey Production Items

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New Myanmar (Burma) Baby dipers pant type

Looking for baby dipers pant type to import to Myanmar.

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New Myanmar (Burma) Fire proximity suits to import to Myanmar (Burma)

I am searching fire proximity suits

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New Myanmar (Burma) Core drill machine importing request from Myanmar (Burma)

We would like to get the quotation for Core Drill Machine (Potable Unit) 2 Nos with Petrol engine, Four stabilizing screws, Vertical screw feed and water inlet. Could you provide the compatible model from your products?

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New Myanmar (Burma) Sunflower oil importing request from Myanmar (Burma)

My current work is also a distributor mainly Sunflower Oil.

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New Myanmar (Burma) Edible oils buying request from Myanmar (Burma)

Looking for sunflower oil olive oil maize oil

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New Myanmar (Burma) Fruit dryers importing inquiry from Myanmar (Burma)

Fruit dryers made in Turkey.

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