Montenegro (Karadağ)

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New Montenegro (Karadağ) Sun loungers required in Montenegro

I m interested for plastic sun loungers

sun loungers , plastic sun loungers

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Platfom gratings inquiry from Montenegro

Tam geçme petek ızgaraların üreticilerin listenize rica ediyorum

platfom gratings , gratings , grating

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Chandeliers needed for a mosque project in Montenegro

I am currently looking for pricing on chandeliers.

chandeliers , chandelier

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Ceramic tiles buying inquiry from Montenegro

I m interesting for ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles , tiles , tile , floor tiles , wall tiles

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Party accessories and products inquiry from Montenegro

Can you please help me find manufacturer or wholesale for party accessories and products such as balloons, caps, paper cups and napkins etc.

party accessories , party products , paper cups , napkins , balloons , caps

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Satellite equipments requested to import in Montenegro

We are interested in cooperation with satellite equipment.

satellite equipments , satellite equipment , satellite

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Car lights catalog and price demand from Montenegro

Could you send us your cataloque with car lights.

car lights , auto accessories

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Car spare parts request from Montenegro

Im interested in cooperations for car part. Please send me catalogue if you have it.

car spare parts , car parts , auto parts , auto spare parts

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Ductile iron pipes purchasing RFQ from Montenegro

Can you offer us supply of ductile iron pipes DN 400, GGG40, Tyton connection. Pipes are C40 class for 25bars working pressure. - Internal mortar coating is 2mm, outside is epoxy layer of Al and ZN (200gr/m2) and

ductile iron pipes , iron pipes , ductile iron

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Fashion women's wear offer request from Montenegro

Could you sent me catalog of your products with costs and what is minimum of number per products .

fashion women's wear , women's wear , women's clothing , clothes for women

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Aluminium Profiles quotation from Montenegro

I need company who have aluminium profiles for balustrades . Thanks

aluminium profiles , profiles

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Wall to Wall Carpets to import to Montenegro

We are hotel from Montenegro and we need a carpet for our hotel restaurant.

wall to wall carpets , carpets

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Offer 8 apartments remaining for sale

In relation to Montenegro coast, with an average of 260 sunny days per annum with temperatures of 30-35C between May to September and very mild winters between 10-15C ensure this region enjoys its own micro-climate and

8 apartments remaining for sale

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Required sea salt for the Montenegro marketplace

We are looking for supplier of sea salt for the Montenegro marketplace.

sea salt , sea salts , salt , salts

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Montenegro based company looking for uniforms manufacturers

We looking for uniforms manufacturers.

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New Montenegro (Karadağ) Women's bags for new season inquiry from Montenegro

we are a trading company and we are interested to order spring summer collection of: Scarfs, bags, kimonos etc....

buy , import , purchase , inquiry , request , demand , Women's bags

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Scarves spring summer collection required for Montenegro

we are a trading company and we are interested to order spring summer collection of: Scarfs, bags, kimonos etc....

buy , import , purchase , inquiry , request , demand , Scarves

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Home Textile products request from Montenegro

We would like to have your offer as follows 1.sheet 160x230 cotton 100% 1.000 pcs 2.sheet 200x230 cotton 100% 1.000 pcs 3.pillow 50x70 cotton 100% 1.000 pcs 4.towel 50x90 400gcm, cotton 100 %, 500 pcs 5.towel

Home Textile products , request , Montenegro , buy , import , purchase , inquiry

New Montenegro (Karadağ) Interested in dry nuts for Montenegro market

We interested in dried fruits and quality nuts import to Montenegro, so could you send us current exp price list.

Interested , dry nuts , Montenegro , buy , import , purchase , inquiry , request