Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Door Hardware request from Dominican Republic

we are interested in purchasing hardware for aluminum doors and windows

hardware, door, door hardware, window component, door handle

Dominican Republic Import to Dominican Republic lighting products

we are interest in down light Products. please sen you catalog by e-mail.

lighting, lighting product, downlight, interior lighting, lamp

Dominican Republic Lighting products purchasing request from Dominican Republic


lighting, light, bulb, lighting product

Dominican Republic Cast acrylic sheet and PVC foam board import to Dominican Republic

we need to know prices for your cast acrylic sheets, clear 3mm, 4x8'. and your PVC foam board for advertising white 3mm, 4'x8'

acrylic, acrylic sheet, pvc foam, foam board

Dominican Republic Sterilization Control Tape request from Dominican Republic

we are interested in distributing your products, tape to sterilize. control tape for sterilization can you send me your catalog of your products

tape, autoclave tape, control tape, sterilization control, sterilization tape

New Dominican Republic Lighting Tower request from Dominican Republic

please quote export price for 04 ea. Light Tower 4000w (4 x1000 watts) light pole 10.0m high, diesel driven unit with carry on trailer. Please advise for best delivery time and price.

lighting, generator, lighting tower, power generator, mobile lighting tower

Dominican Republic Baby products

I'm looking to import baby products to the caribbean from turkish factories. Can you help me with that?

toy, diaper, clothes, clothing, cosmetic, shampoo, wet wipe, baby diaper, baby toy, baby car, baby gears, baby feeding product, baby food

Dominican Republic Plastisol ink - wholesale price - Dominican Republic

we need prices for standard plastisol ink, USD/20 kg

ink, paint, plastisol ink, dominican republic

Dominican Republic Traumatic weapons - purchasing - Dominican Republic

I am looking for someone to supply me with traumatic weapons.

weapon, shotgun, traumatic weapon, dominican republic

Dominican Republic Enquiry for Traumatic weapons - Dominican Republic

I am from the Dominican Republic and I am looking for someone to send me traumatic weapons I do not have a company, I am an individual and I want to open a store

weapon, traumatic weapon, dominican republic, handgun, gun