Comoros Islands

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New Comoros Islands Peanut harvesting machinery

I want a machine to harvest peanuts

peanut harvester, harvesting, harvesting machine, harvester

Comoros Islands Baby diaper buying

We find about manufactured a baby diaper 40ft container

baby diapers, baby diaper, diaper, diapers

Comoros Islands Land survey equipments quotation from Comoros Islands

Please to help me finding a turkey supplier or manufacturer of land survey equipment like total station, drones, gnss ...

land survey, survey equipments, total station, drones, gnss

Comoros Islands Iron steel bars to import to Comoros Islands

I would like To work with your company about iron steel bar 8mm , 10mm and 12mm.

iron bars, steel bars, iron bar, steel bar

Comoros Islands Baby diapers to export to Comoros Islands

A baby diaper provider

baby diapers, baby diaper, diaper, diapers

New Comoros Islands Screening for OCTG tubulars inspection request in Comoros Islands

I am currently looking for a supplier.

screening, octg tubulars, inspection

New Comoros Islands Metering services for BSP assets offer request in Comoros Islands

I am currently looking for a supplier.

metering services, bsp assets

New Comoros Islands Scrap metals export from Comoros Islands

My friend's business to sell scrap metal 1/2 containers per month Quantity is small here If you have anyone 24tons per container

scrap metals, scrap metal

New Comoros Islands Cloves and clove stem sell from Comoros Islands

I need Turkish companies dealing with spices big companies serious We supply Cloves We deal in 3 qualities Mainly CG3 €6 per kg Excluding shipping etc Shipping will be C&F 20ft 11ton 40ft 22ton 40% ADVANCE We supply Clove stem minimum order 3 containers 40Ft container 21ton per container net weight FOB price per ton $700

spices, cloves, clove stem, herbal products

Comoros Islands Solar energy systems requested from Comoros Islands

Reseller and installer of electricity building, industrial and solar solutions in the Comoros

solar energy, solar systems, solar power