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New Cape Verde Islands Purchase of Chicken leg quarter - Cape Verde Islands

I`m interested to 1x40` container of Chicken quarter leg, please send your best price

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New Cape Verde Islands Hairdress Furniture - price request from Cape Verde Islands

I looking for hairdress furniture factory, please send me all list.

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Cape Verde Islands Instantaneous water heaters - importing to Cape Verde Islands

We need instantaneous water heaters, 1.5 kw and 3.5 kw

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New Cape Verde Islands Want to buy food products - Cape Verde Islands

At this moment we are particularly interested in: NUTS AND SEEDS DRIED FRUITS SNACK FOODS CEREALS AND GRAINS MIXES GIFTS

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New Cape Verde Islands Looking for Vegetables to buy - Cape Verde Islands

I would like to do an experiment with regards to buying vegetables at your company. I would like to know how you work or what your sales policy is.

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New Cape Verde Islands Dried and Marinated Food Products to import to Cape Verde Islands

we are very interested in working with your company, so we would appreciate if you could send us an updated list and catalog of your products along with illustrated, all relevant information (, dimensions, weight, expiration dates, etc.). Your product range interests us in particular: since our intention is to work with the following varieties and in the different formats and species in particular

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New Cape Verde Islands Looking for Dried foods - Cape Verde Islands

buying dried vegetables beans rice

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New Cape Verde Islands Import to Cape Verde Islands - spaghetti

We need wholesale prices for spaghetti from 25 tons.

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