Marine Vehicles and Equipment

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New Netherlands Boat importing to Netherlands

Ben tekne bot almak istiyorum Hollandaya ihricat etmek istiyorum

boat, inflatable boat

Australia Cutter suction dredger to import to Australia

I am looking cutter suction Dredger

dredger, suction dredger

  • Australia
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New Gambia Searching for Fishing boat Gambia

I'm looking for a fishing boat around 5-6m with center console

boat, fishing boat

  • Gambia
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New India HDPE boat import request from India

WE ARE LOOKING TO IMPORT 4-5 MT hdpe boat 8 person capacity

boat, hdpe boat

  • India
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It has been beneficial to consider the person whose contact information is given below as a potential fraudster. Thomas Gallien 07012722119 PIKCARS INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES LIMITED Nigeria

potential fraud warning

  • Nigeria
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New Bangladesh Ambulance boats import request from Bangladesh

looking for Ambulance boat for a Government project here in Bangladesh.

boat, ambulance boat

  • Bangladesh
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New Oman Looking for Fishing boats Oman

I need to get a contact for a Factory who build a fishing boats

boat, fishing boat, marine vehicle

  • Oman
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New Azerbaijan Marine Glue request from Azerbaijan

Aprl Marin pur deniz tutkali.550 gr

glue, marine glue, adhesive glue, marine equipment, marine adhesive

  • Azerbaijan
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New Macedonia Looking for Boat Macedonia

I need information whrre can I buy boat manyfactured in Turkey

boat, marine, fishing boat

  • Macedonia
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New Tunisia Cylindrical Fender importation to Tunisia

i need cylindrical fender 19 x 380 x 2000 also delta fender 130 x 150 x 1000 and delta fender 150 x 160 x 1000

fender, cylindrical fender, marine equipment, rubber fender

  • Tunisia
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