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New Pakistan Importing of Slack wax Pakistan

looking for slack wax find me supplier for slack wax

wax, slack wax, paraffin wax

  • Pakistan
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New Sudan Solar battery price request from Sudan

Turkish solar energy saving batteries

battery, batteries, solar batteries, solar battery

  • Sudan
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New Tunisia Charcoal export offer from Tunisia

Our prices are very competitive. Would you be interrested in further conversation.

charcoal, coal

  • Tunisia
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New Israel Hydroelectric generating set import to Israel

We are looking for a high quality manufacturer of HYDROELECTRIC GENERATING SET to cooperate with us in competing on a project in Vietnam

generator, generating, hydroelectric generating, power plant

  • Israel
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New United Kingdom Looking for Roofing roll United Kingdom

asphalt paper felt roofing in rolls

roofing, rolled roofing, building material, asphalt paper, asphalt roll roofing

New Ghana Solar Panels importation to Ghana

solar panel

solar, solar panel, renewable energy

  • Ghana
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New China Sell offer for Hybrid solar inverter Israel

This is manufacturer of Hybrid solar inverter. Do you have any requires for inverter recently?

inverter, solar inverter, hybrid inverter, renewable energy, hybrid solar inverter

  • China
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New Egypt Isocyanate and Polyol Products request from Egypt

do you supply iso and polyol for air filter making

polyol, isocyanate, chemical, petroleum derivatives

  • Egypt
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New Iran Solid and liquid paraffin selling offer from Iran

We currently produce and export 1-2% light and 3-5% heavy paraffin and quality liquid paraffin

paraffin, chemical, liquid paraffin

  • Iran
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Benin Import request for lubricants from Benin

we have customers who want to buy at least 4 contained lubricant leaks

lubricant, petroleum product, petrochemical, engine oil

  • Benin
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