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New India Perlite ore

Looking for perlite ore 50 Ton for first lot

perlite ore, natural stones

  • India
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New Lebanon Ceramics importing

I need a list of Turkish suppliers related to construction material

ceramic, ceramic tile, ceramic tiles, ceramics

  • Lebanon
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New Indonesia Natural stones to sell

Excuse me to offering Indonesian Marble Code CRA Creama Arial, Granite, Onyx etc.

marble, natural stones, granite

Turkmenistan Marble

We understand that your company supply some products that fit our business requirements.

marbles, marble

New Israel Quartz sinks buying

i want to import your quartz sinks

quartz sinks, sink, sinks

  • Israel
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New Serbia Ceramic tiles

We need 1000m2 of wall and 1000m2 of ceramic floor tiles measuring at least 30 * 40

ceramic tile, ceramic tiles, tiles, floor covering, wall tiles

  • Serbia
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Montenegro (Karadağ) Stone cutting machines buying

i need gater for stone cutting used not new

stone cutting machine, stone cutting equipments, stone cutting

New Bangladesh Limestone-Dolomitic

We are looking for Flour of Limestone (domitic) for Heavy Construction.

limestone, dolomitic

  • Bangladesh
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Pakistan Ceramic tiles

I want to purchase items

tile, ceramic tile, ceramic tiles

  • Pakistan
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