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New Kuwait Face mask machine import to Kuwait

i am seeking production line machine to produce face mask for protection from coronavirus do you have a production machines line?

surgical mask machines, face mask machine, disposable mask machine, face mask making machine, surgical mask production machine, diposable mask production machines, face mask production line, disposable mask making

  • Kuwait
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New Iran PVC extruder and molds - Iran to import

I am buying an extruder with a set of molds

pvc extruder, molds, mold, plastic machinery

  • Iran
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New Korea, South Non contact thermometers import to South Korea

I am looking for good quality of Non contact medical thermometer'

digital thermometers, thermometer, forehead thermometers, infrared thermometers, non contact thermometers, medical devices

New Lebanon Pasta production line import to Lebanon

Interested about line foe pasta

pasta production line, pasta making, pasta production machines, pasta making machines

  • Lebanon
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New United Arab Emirates Ice cream production line - UAE to import

im looking for companies who produce ice cream production lines

ice cream production line, ice cream production, ice cream making machines, ice cream making, ice cream, dairy machinery

New Oman Rebar making mill import to Oman

looking for rebar steel mill in turkey .

rebar making mill, metalworking machinery, metal processing machines, workshop machinery, workshop equipment

  • Oman
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New Iraq Crane to import to Iraq

What is required is. Crane.

crane, overhead crane, overhead bridge cranes, crane systems

  • Iraq
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