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New France Importing of Stud channel cutter

The first product I am looking at is a Stud Channel Cutter and then other products to follow, I am looking for a joint venture on some of the products to reduce shipping costs and I have facilities for some manufacturing and assembly but do not have all the equipment for manufacture.

stud channel cutters, stud channel cutter

  • France
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Bangladesh Bangladesh - Want to buy Silo

We Need the Following SILO CAPACITY 5000MT for FEED MEAL PLANT

crop storage, storage tanks, silo

  • Bangladesh
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Mauritius Silo - wholesale importing for Mauritius

I’ve an agriculture project in Madagascar that will need to supply of Silos etc

silos, silo, crop storage, storage tanks

  • Mauritius
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United Kingdom Steel washers importing to United Kingdom

i need S/Steel (cheapest grade ) washers Washer A 3mm thick 50.5mm OD x 39mm ID with 3 Equidistant M3 tapped holes Washer B 3mm thick 50.5 mm OD x39mm

steel washer, steel washers

Morocco Request fo Galvanized nails to Morocco

I need à turkish supplier for galvanized nails

galvanized nail, galvanized nails, hardware

  • Morocco
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Bahrain Needing - Drug manufacturing plant - contact me on WhatsApp

All automatic machinery with fitting and guaranty. Please provide quotation as soon as possible.

drug manufacturing plant, drug manufacturing, drug machine, pharma machines

  • Bahrain
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New Bangladesh Wholesale export of Jute rope - Bangladesh

'We are manufacturer and exporter of jute ropes since long, CB, Hessian Quality jute rope size 5mm to 40 mm, 4 strands.'

jute ropes, jute rope, rope

New Tunisia Powder coating equipments import to Tunisia

please, send me the price for ; KN 3100 Powder Coating Equipment. I am from tunisia

powder coating equipments, powder coating machines

  • Tunisia
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New Indonesia Industrial glass import to Indonesia

What is the name of the glass company in Turkey?

industrial glass, building glass, flat glass

  • Indonesia
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New India India importing - drawer slides

do you make drawer slides ?

drawer slides, furniture accessories, furniture hardware

  • India
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