Food Industry

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New Bolivia Breads, croissants, bakery products to import in Bolivia

I am interested in buying croissants and different kinds of bakery products.

breads , croissants , bakery products , baked goods

  • Bolivia
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New Egypt Extra-virgin olive oil buy in bulk request from Egypt

Our company is trading various food stuff including olive oil (extra virgin & virgin). You can check our website for further details. Due to the insufficiency of the Egyptian olive oil production, we are wiling to

extra-virgin , olive oil , vegetable oils , edible oils , refined olive oil

  • Egypt
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New South Africa Sweetcorn import inquiry from South Africa

I wish to import frozen sweet corn

sweetcorn , sweet corn , frozen sweet corn

New Greece Food grade chemicals to import to Greece

I am interested for acid sodium sulphate for food (Ε514ii) end tara gum (E 417) with 25kg of packaging

food grade , chemicals , food ingrredients , chemical materials

  • Greece
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New United Arab Emirates Carbonated drinks purchase request from UAE

We are interesting to buy carbonated drinks in different flavors

carbonated drinks , drinks , beverages

New Poland Sunflower seeds for oil production needed in Poland

Yağ üretimi için ay çiçeği çekirdegi elinizde mevcutmu? 1000-5000 ton arası her ay. Mümkünse fiyat teklif gondere bilir misiniz lütfen.

sunflower seeds , oil production

  • Poland
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New Yemen Sunflower oil import price inquiry from Yemen

We are looking for competitive price for sunflower oil 4ltr pet 1continar to aden seaport as first step.

sunflower oil , vegetable oils , edible oils

  • Yemen
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New Bulgaria Pepper paste 22/24 Brix import request from Bulgaria

We are interested in Red Sweet Pepper Paste 22/24 Brix, packed in 200 Liter Aseptic bags, in metal drums, on wooden pallets.

pepper paste

  • Bulgaria
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New India Canned foods export from India

It’s being great feeling to introduce us m/s jal pan foods as export quality oriented manufacturer from india of following items. We are looking for importer or distributors of following items: 1. Fruits and vegetable

canned foods , canned meal

  • India
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New Israel Import of cheese into the Palestinian market

I want to import cheese into the Palestinian market at competitive prices

cheese , dairy products , whole fat , full fat

  • Israel
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New Qatar Beef topside and tenderloin import inquiry from Qatar

I have requirement for Turkey beef product like beef topside and tenderloin

beef topside , tenderloin

  • Qatar
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New South Africa FMCG commodities importing inquiry from South Africa

Kindly can i have access to view all products available and their companies within turkey.

fmcg commodities , fmcg , fmcg products , food , food products , foodstuff , cosmetics

New Bangladesh Wheat for flour milling 50.000 tons to export to Bangladesh

We are looking import mailing wheat so, if you interested pls. let me for all details.

wheat , milling wheat , flour wheat

  • Bangladesh
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New USA Halal gummy candy products to import in USA

We are looking for halal gummy product.

halal candy , gummy candy , candy products , candy

  • USA
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New United Arab Emirates Cashew nut W320 unpeeled 100tons monthly buy inquiry from UAE

We are looking for 100TONS monthly for one year contract. Cashew

cashew nut , unpeeled nuts , dried nuts

New Italy Roasted pistachio with shell to import to Italy

Want offer roasted pistachio with shell cif italy

roasted pistachio , pistachio , with shell , dried nuts

  • Italy
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New Turkey Onions and potatoes to import in Turkey

I am interesting about potatoes and onions.

onions , potatoes , vegetables

  • Turkey
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New Italy Carob flour import inquiry from Italy

Evalue flou carob for italy offer n all informations cif italy

carob flour , flour , carob powder

  • Italy
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New Kosovo Fresh vegetables and fruits to import in Kosovo

I'm looking for oranges to import in kosovo , i want to find a god suppliers with a god price and quality .

fresh vegetables , fresh fruits , vegetables , fruits

  • Kosovo
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New Oman Confectioneries request from Oman

Looking for confectionery from Turkey

confectioneries , candy , soft candy , hard candy

  • Oman
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