Food Industry

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New Lebanon Cheese selling

I am a seller of cheese

edam, gouda, mozzarella, chedda, cheese

  • Lebanon
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New Israel Dried apricot

I m want quote for dry apricot style 0 and style 1.

dried apricots, dried apricot, dried fruits

  • Israel
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New Romania Beef meat

I want to find Turkish suppliers for beef meat

beef, beef meat, meat

  • Romania
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New Maldives Fresh Grade A fruits

We are looking to buy fruits from Turkey

fresh fruit, fresh fruits, fruits

  • Maldives
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New Algeria Gelatine powder

Looking for gelatine powder to import 20 tonne

gelatine powders, gelatine powder, food additives

  • Algeria
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New Turkey Biscuits wholesale buying

I have a friend in Yemen asked me to biscuit children and wants his agency

biscuits, creamed biscuits, sandwich biscuits

  • Turkey
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New Azerbaijan Ice cream selling

Dondurma ithalatçısı konusunda bilgi ala bilirmiyiz

ice cream

New El Salvador Chocolate importing

Can give me a price quote for the chocolate you love for about 700 boxes of 12 packages each box.

chocolates, chocolate

  • El Salvador
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New Iran Pregelatinized waxy corn starch

We, as the producer of coated peanut in Iran, would like to know if you have "pregelatinized waxy corn starch (WPC)" in your product packages.

corn starches, corn starch

  • Iran
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New Ethiopia Sunflower oil buying

i am looking for a good sunflower oil supplier

sunflower oil, edible oil, vegetable oils

  • Ethiopia
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