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New Kosovo Indoor playground materials export from Turkey to Kosovo

Can have a catalog on indoor playground with a price list?

indoor playground materials , indoor playground , indoor playground equipments

  • Kosovo
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New Brazil Household utilities decor items to supply in Brazil

Could you send me the quotation of your best-sellers items to Brazil Market?

household utilities , decor items , decorative materials , home decor materials , home decor , home decorations

  • Brazil
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Yeni Türkiye Tesbih sıkma kehribar toz kehrıbar oltu taşı akrilik tesbıh

Tesbih ve gereçleri ürünleri ile imalattan sizlere hizmetinizdeyiz

Tesbih , sıkma , kehrıbar , oltu , tozkehribar , amber , toptan , gümüş , püskül , misbaha

  • Turkey
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New Saudi Arabia Key holders offer request from Saudi Arabia

We are looking for smart anti lost women wallet with power bank and key holder to make then in one product.

key holders , key holder

New Kenya Home decor and gift items export from Turkey to Kenya

I’m interested to order home decor and gift items

home decor , home decorations , decorative products , gift items , giftware

  • Kenya
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New Morocco Toys requested to supply from Turkey to Morocco

We are looking for new Turkish suppliers.

toys , toy , toys for kids , kids toys , children's toys , baby toys

  • Morocco
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New Saudi Arabia Candles and wax buying request from Saudi Arabia

We are searching for a manufacture who can produce & pack our own private labels of the candles in Turkey.

candles , wax , paraffin wax

New Romania Home decorations inquiry from Romania

I would like to colaborate with you.

home decorations , home decoration , decorative products

  • Romania
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New Egypt Cat litter requested to supply from Turkey to Egypt

We are looking for factories producing crystal cat litter and sand litter

cat litter

  • Egypt
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New Israel Puzzles and iq games to supply from Turkey to Israel

Am intersted in games products that aim to improve I. Q.for ages from 0-18, Like:puzzels , wood puzzels, lego, chess, etc.....

puzzles , iq games , puzzle

  • Israel
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New Saudi Arabia Cigar humidors requested to supply in Saudi Arabia

I am looking for cigar humidors with high tech

cigar humidors , cigar humidor

New Lebanon Charcoal suppyl inquiry from Turkey to Lebanon

Kindly contact me on the above email to discuss prices and quality .


  • Lebanon
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New Greece Hand made textiles to supply from Turkey to Greece

I would like to find women cooperative associations that create hand made textiles at the loom

hand made textiles , textile products , hand made textile products

  • Greece
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New Jordan Beach umbrella and awning umbrella inquiry from Jordan

Can u plz give me list for Turkey manufacturer for beach umbrella and awing umbrella

beach umbrella , awning , umbrella

  • Jordan
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New Greece Hotel furniture and mirrors supply to Greece from Turkey

Furniture, mirror, table lamps

hotel furniture , mirrors , mirror , furnitures , furniture for hotels

  • Greece
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New Australia Painted ceramic bowls to export from Turkey to Australia

Wanting to import ceramic bowls hand painted

painted ceramic bowls , ceramic bowls , bowl , bowls , painted bowls

  • Australia
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New Qatar Ceramic decor items wholesale inquiry from Qatar

I am looking for a direct supplier of Turkish lamps, ceramics, rugs and other related products.

ceramic decor items , decorative products , ceramic products , decoration materials , decoration supplies

  • Qatar
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New Pakistan Hunting guns, rifles, pistols required in Pakistan

At present we have requirement of 15 x corner shot made isreal, glock /sig sauer and other pistols, 308 and 5.56 and hunting guns.

hunting guns , rifles , pistols

  • Pakistan
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