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New India BLDC motors requested from India

Would like to check do you provide BLDC Motors for Automobile industry.

motor, brushless motor, brushless electric motor, electric motor, dc motor

  • India
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New Sudan Transformer import to Sudan

our requirements for supplying electrical transformers to Sudan

transformer, oil immersed transformer, power transformer, current transformer

  • Sudan
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New Mauritius LED tube buying request from Mauritius

i need LED tube

led, led tube, led lighting

  • Mauritius
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New Vietnam Exporting of Reefer generator Vietnam

Generating reefer with 15kw and power pack

generator, reefer generator, generating reefer, reefer container, power generator

  • Vietnam
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New Palestine Price request for advertising boards from Palestine

im looking for advertising boards which used in mall . airport , public area

billboard, advertisement board, advertising board, led advertisement panel

  • Palestine
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New Lebanon Inquiry of radiator cover from Lebanon

Please provide us with one of your members to discuss our demand of Radiator covers for diesel generators

generator, radiator cover, cast iron radiator cover

  • Lebanon
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New Egypt Transformers offer request from Egypt

know the technical requirements for the supply of transformers to Sudan

transformer, current transformer

  • Egypt
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New Canada Solar street lights requested from Canada

Could you please connect with me regarding a quote for solar streetlights to be used in Lebanon.

lighting, solar street light, street light, solar lighting

  • Canada
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United Arab Emirates Requirement of GI conduits United Arab Emirates

Are you Manufactoring ELectrical GI conduits

conduit, lighting, gi conduit, electrical conduit

Kosovo Audio door phone for apartments asked from Kosovo

im intersting for your audiophone and video phone for apartments

door, video door entry system, door entry system, audio door phone

  • Kosovo
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