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A leading company of its industry for 73 years, Sonmezler started its business life in 1944. Becoming a joint-stock company in 1988, the family-owned enterprise has grown fast both in our country and abroad. The main fields of activity of the company are grains such as corn, wheat, soybean.
The company took its first steps in a newly-developed industry in 1996 started exports with packing plant

for citrus fruits, cooling units of 1000 tons and degreening chambers. The company operates with a capacity of 37,000 tons a year.
Sonmezler aims to be a self-sufficient company by providing their quality product needs themselves. They started manufacturing plastic crates to use in their export business. They have increased competition in plastic crate industry by selling their products to other exporter companies.
With a steel silo corn storage capacity of total 81,000 tons, 44,000 tons in their central plant on Karatas road and 37,000 tons in their Yenice plant, Sonmezler buys most of the corn production in Cukurova region. The company has become the main buyer and seller of corn in the region for 4 generations.
Sonmezler is also known for their efficient and solution-oriented environment policies, social projects on which they focus with a sense of responsibility rather than obligation. The company creates an awareness for the future of our country and the world, and spread this awareness to a broader environment.
Sonmezler is a major figure with their knowledge and experience for over a 70 years and they are proud to become a leading company that exports to most countries.
Becoming the main buyer in the region thanks to their storage capacity, Sonmezler Gida keeps serving in the industry with;
- The importance they put on innovation and R&D,
- State-of-the-art, modern, technological and environment-friendly storage and production plants,
- People-oriented working policy for social responsibility with sustainable training approach,
- Approach to quality for innovation and sustainable development,
- Steps to contribute to the global development,
- Practices that value customer satisfaction above anything else.

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