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Button and accessories industry left to us by our family to set foot in 1962, the quality, confidence, respect, career, honesty, clarity, diligence, recognition, reputation, reliability principles with integrated flag of our young people have adopted the principle of moving from generation to generation, entrepreneur, three brothers focused on the target concurrence with the world it is a company

we bring Nesgo Fashion Accessories and Textile Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Sti.

It will cover mainly the work of the foundation structure of subsidiaries and foreign trade department of our company in 2000 in order to give the future generation of our sector network. In order to ensure the growing demand-supply balance in June 2010, our company Nesgo buttons, buckles, we decided to put the manufacture of beads and other textile accessories. We created our first five-year development program, together with our decision. The first 5-year road map that we draw our development program we also manufacture the first 6 months of the vision that we have surpassed our lives have become the first 24-month target delightful honor.

Our company, Scope (Scope), Quality (Quality), cost (Cost), Time Time), Resources (Resouares) is a company that gives importance to scrutinize. Thus the correct time using our resources, we use our variable cost and quality to meet our customer demands.

KDV emphasis on permanent employment both inputs are extremely pleased to experience the joy of creating the capacity increase as well. We have paid attention to young entrepreneurs, company owners as arbiter in the international arena with our own brand in becoming and exploring the privilege of our credibility, both domestic customers in foreign markets to invest on behalf of supply of demand in certain products. We completed an area of ​​3,500 m2 in the system with the latest technological equipment, machinery and installations trails. Our goal is to continue to invest in the next 2 years.

As we know, our country is carried out by 80% of private sector investment. Our company has discovered the difference between privilege and enterprising entrepreneurs with professional teammates, and therefore, has created the appointed staff and entrepreneurs.

My grandfather from my father, from father to son, will be our 50th year in half a century from the year 2012 to the grandson and son sector.

49 years ago a single button to remove it worked 6 elements and the high technology of turning machines for the period from today's latest technology laser technology using robots with almost untouched manufacturing be made yaşarak as people learn we are aware that the return on our experience in our sector strength.

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2005 / 26-50

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