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Alpha Cosmetics was founded in the Syrian city of Aleppo in 1984, and specialized in the production of cologne, it began by modest means, and the next few years was able to move the company to an accelerated advanced stages.
In Syria, the company name coruscated and its products spread in all Syrian governorates, and the company products reached exceeded two hundred product to some Arabian

countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and started to build a name in it.
The company began in Turkey since mid-2015 to return to the Arab markets, and began a new experience to enter the Turkish market.
The company's policy is to engage in open exhibitions to reach to customers directly and dialogue with them, and then take advantage of their proposals and demands, the company also use roaming mechanism within cities and towns regularly to follow its customers and define other customers with the company products.
The company relies on its production on the theory that the final product is not good unless it is of a good standard of raw materials and conform to the plans of test and check. Every substance does not achieve the requirements of these plans is considered ‎nonconformable. Based on this theory, the factory uses all its needs in raw materials from global companies that has proven production quality and good made. We always emphasize that quality should built during the production process rather than it is checked at the end of production, in other words, we affirm the principle of quality assurance more than quality control, without prejudice to the importance of the latter.
Currently the factory in Turkey includes several productive sections for the production of shampoos, creams, toothpaste, cologne, glass cleaners and others....
The company includes a water treatment unit, and warehouses to store raw materials and final products, oversees all the activities a qualified and specialized staff has a proven high expertise, as the innovative graduates chemists and experts pursue the production from the Turkish and Syrian nationalities.
Despite the few years that have passed since the establishment of the company, the production won the admiration of customer and satisfaction of consumers; the company continues to expand its activity and producing a new varieties according to international standards and always works to deliver what is new and useful.

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