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As Çimsan, grass seeds, lawns, ready lawns, fertilizers, seedlings, gardening equipment, agricultural fertilizers, industrial oil plants, agricultural products, agricultural products, canola, feed plants, grass seeds, lawn, ready grass, fertilizer, npk fertilizers, npk fertilizers, organic fertilizers, special fertilizers, leaf fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, fertilizers, fertilizers,

agricultural fertilizers, industrial oily plants, feed plants, seeds, agricultural products, agricultural products, seeds, vegetable feed dehydrates npk fertilizer, npk fertilizer, npk fertilizer, organic fertilizer, special fertilizer, leaf fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, olive special fertilizer, canola seed, lolium perenne, british grass seed, agropyron cristatum, grapevine, dactylis glomerata, pork chop, phleum pratense, meadow kelp tail, bromine inflorescence, branless bromine, dicondra repens, mouse kula we produce and supply fistuca rubra rubra, rhizomatous red flour, trifolium repens, ornamental shrimp, white clover, festuca rubra commutata, delicate red flour, agrostis tenuis, delicate pea bermuda grass, dog tooth, cynodon dactylon ... In 1996 Çimsan has the "Private Sector Agricultural Research Foundation" status given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare. In the main activity; turf seeds, lawn and seedling feedstuffs, fertilizers for agriculture, garden equipment, industrial oil plants (canola), forage crops import, production and trade. It also provides consultancy and implementation services with landscape architects and agricultural engineers who specialize in landscaping and urban transformation projects of municipalities and organizations. Output Thomsen, to be headquartered in Istanbul, the region located in Antalya manager, customer representatives in various provinces, regional dealers and foreign products through foreign representatives of Turkey, is marketing the Turkish Republics and Middle East countries. Output Thomsen, the world's largest manufacturers of fertilizer on The Andersons to Turkey, the Turkish Republic and is the sole distributor in 23 countries, mainly in the Middle East. Slow release fertilizers at high quality are also continuing their promotional and marketing activities in these countries. He also has commercial cooperation with American Pennington Seed and Danish DLF companies in the world's reputable seed companies. Çimsan presents the best quality grass seed mixes and fertilizers of the sector to the market with British Seeds, Grassamen and EverGreen brands. Çimsan is in the first place with quality, brand recognition and market share in construction markets, nurseries and landscaping sector. Output Thomsen, taking an important leadership role in the development of the first certified canola agriculture in Turkey in Turkey has realized the production of canola seed. Çimsan is in close contact with the world's leading fertilizer producers and follows the developments in the sector day by day and reflects these developments to the Turkish farmers instantaneously. Taking into consideration the rapidly developing agricultural sector and the potential of plant nutrients, Çimsan has acquired a position in the sector by purchasing the Company, which produces and markets plant nutrients in Antalya in 2005, and has been frequently mentioned in the sector. Çimsan has been growing rapidly in the sector with its breakthroughs made in a short time. In 2011, Çimsan moved to the high technology factory in Antalya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Çimsan has become one of the major producers in Europe with the investments he has made in recent years, increasing liquid production from 6,000 tons per year to 20,000 tons and powder and granule production from 25,000 tons to 50,000 tons. Çimsan, which has a wide range of products, has gained a new perspective in the production of single and multiple micro elements, organic and amino acid containing fertilizers, gel-like bucket fertilizers and more importantly product spec

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1996 / 1-5

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(ÇİMSAN),The Andersons,Pennington Seed,DLF

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Atışalanı / 2570067475

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Turk Eximbank,iş bankası.garanti.yapıkredi.halk.akbank


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