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Çetin Group; started its activities with the Security Company established by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet ÇETİN in 1998.

In 2000, cleaning, logistics and personnel transportation activities started. In addition, the Benzo Set Curtain, which operates in the chemical sector, was purchased.
In 2002, in order to realize professional service in the field of security activities,

which is growing rapidly in market share, Cetin Private Security Services has been established to collect the physical and electronic security activities under a single roof.
In 2004, Atak Farma Cosmetics Company was established to make Cosmetic production. He also founded Çetin Group Car Rental Company and actively started car and fleet rental services.

In 2005, Atak Farma Company started to manufacture cosmetics at its own production facilities, whose construction process was completed.

Çemobsan Mobilya, which was established in 2005, started to manufacture furniture in 2007.

In 2010, the CEO Human Resources company was established and started to serve IK Consultancy under Law number 4904.
In 2012, Cetin Group became the first Turkish company to provide security services in the global market abroad. He started to provide security services at an international airport abroad.

Today at the very point the gained success thanks to professional expertise, boutique projects that he started to serve with professional staff, principles and standards that he never compromises, perspective of education and technological innovations which are equipments rather than burden, customer relationship based on the principle of honesty and loyalty; in addition to security services in Turkey and abroad, cleaning, auxiliary production operations, human resources, logistics and personnel transport, education institutions sectors are added to the main activities.

The Çetin Group continues its activities in the service sector nationwide. The Çetin Group is a leader in the sector with more than 6,000 people working in the sector with a quarter-century of experience which is one of the leading companies of the security sector and continues its activities in compliance with international business norms.
With a growing emphasis on innovations and investing, it has grown into a large community that can grow rapidly with each passing day, closely follow developments in strategic areas that can adapt itself to local and global economic conditions and changes, and react quickly.

Our group gives services to many domestic and foreign companies in Turkey with high customer satisfaction. Nearly 200 of our existing customers are among the top 1000 companies in Turkey.

Our customers are, above all, "our business partners" for us. In this union we, as Çetin Group, offer the highest quality service in the most accurate way and always taking customer satisfaction into consideration.

We are proud of being a leader in a sector where trust is consigned and "trustworthiness" to be considered. Proof of this success is the services we provide to our domestic and foreign customers nationwide. We invite you to join among our customers who has been trusting us for 20 years and made us "LEADER".

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