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Company founder, Mehmet Altınkılıç cheese in 1957, Turkey's leading company in the sector began in 1976 as an apprentice Unkapanı district cheese 17 m2 renting a workplace begins trading. In 1980, with the participation of his sons Kemal and Mehmet Ali Altınkılıç, they continued to trade cheese until 1991.

Altınkılıç family, which established a white cheese production facility in Çanakkale's

Ezine district in 1991, has decided to invest in production of white cheese as well as production of old kashar. Taking a ready-made facility in Gömeç district of Balikesir in 1999, it starts to produce old kashar.

In 2001, to add new products to its product range with developing retail sector in Turkey Altınkılıç started its R & D activities, primarily Ege University, as a result of studies conducted by R & D with leading universities, including a former Turkish beverage with kefir manages to produce with conventional methods. In 2002, the cheese production facility in Ezine was transformed into a modern facility and kefir production started. In 2004, it is placed on kefir market shelves. Along with plain kefir, it continues to lead the kefir market by adding its fruity kefir group which every age group can consume to its product range.

As in the kefir beverage group in 2013, Altınkılıç, who is in the effort to bring healthy products to Ülker, started to produce "Kefir Yoghurt" by making the necessary process investments in the beginning of 2015 as a result of the research studies made with Ege University. The new product is planned to be brought to the consumer by the end of 2015.

Altınkılıç has always planned investments on healthy products since its establishment and will act on the same thought after this.

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