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New United Kingdom Terracotta pots demanded to import to UK

Looking for terracotta pots

terracotta pots , plant pots , flower pots

New United Kingdom Almonds to import in United Kingdom

We import carrier bags, Almonds, Rizla papers and so on.

almonds , almond , dried nuts

New United Kingdom Carrier shopping bags request from United Kingdom

We import carrier bags, Almonds, Rizla papers and so on.

carrier , shopping bags , shopping bag

United Kingdom Suppliers of products and services required in UK

We urgently want Turkish suppliers of goods and services to be offered to customers in the UK.

products , services

United Kingdom FMCG price and catalogue request from UK

I'm looking to import fast selling lines to the uk

fmcg products , cosmetics , oral hygiene , cosmetic products , home care , personal care , fast food , canned meal

United Kingdom Garments buying demand from UK

I am looking to get in touch with a textile factory who can manufacture products from my designs?

garments , apparels , clothes , clothing , outerwear

United Kingdom Fashion boutique clothings price request from UK

I would.ike denim jackets Chanel type jackets embelished with jewels or embroidery

fashion clothings , clothings , clothes , outerwear , garments , boutique clothings

United Kingdom Baby fashion clothes prices requested in United Kingdom

We are an online baby clothes retailer based in the UK.

baby fashion , baby clothes , baby wear , baby clothing , baby outfits , infant outfits

United Kingdom Readymade towels buying inquiry from UK

Please forward prices and details of your inventory and contact details

readymade towels , towels , towel

United Kingdom UK company looking for ready made curtains

Please forward details on the above products

ready made , curtains , curtain

United Kingdom Company of UK looking for bridal wear

please forward details on the above products

bridal wear , bridal gown , wedding wear , wedding gown

United Kingdom Buying request for carpets from UK

please forward details on the above products

carpets , carpet

United Kingdom Inquiry for bedlinen from UK

please forward details on the above products

home textiles , bedlinen

United Kingdom Curtaining fabric needed in UK

Please send details on curtain tracks

curtaining fabric , drapery fabric , curtain fabric , fabric

United Kingdom Curtain rails inquiry to buy from UK

Please send details on curtain tracks

curtain rails , curtain rail

United Kingdom Disposable sterile syringes request from United Kingdom

I m interested Disposable Sterile Syringes.

disposable syringes , syringes , sterile syringes , syringe

United Kingdom Food packaging machinery buying inquiry from United Kingdom

I will be happy if you can help me to find food packaging machinery to buy.

food packaging , packaging machinery , packaging equipments

United Kingdom Compressed earth brick making machine needed in United Kingdom

I am looking for a compressed earth interlocking making machine

compressed earth , brick , making machine , brick making

United Kingdom Medical laboratory analysers needed in United Kingdom

Im intereseted to buy medical laboratory analysers for small clinic including haematology, biochemistry, immunology

medical analysers , laboratory analysers

United Kingdom Swim wear apparel for Muslim people required in United Kingdom

I’m looking to source manufacturers of swimwear, fabrics and digital printing.

swim wear , apparel , muslim wear , muslim clothes , muslim clothing , islamic clothes , islamic clothing , islamic swimwear , muslim swimsuits

United Kingdom Truck brake parts requirement in UK

I am looking for ferodo brake pads and linings for trucks and truck unlined brake shoes

truck parts , brake parts

United Kingdom Chairs all kinds offer request from United Kingdom

Can you send me a catalogue with all the chairs

chairs , chair

United Kingdom Rhinestones wholesale supply to United Kingdom

Please can you provide me with wholesalers in Istanbul for Rhinestones

rhinestones , jewellery , jewelry

United Kingdom Furniture importing inquiry from United Kingdom

Exporting cars & furniture from Turkey

furniture , furnitures