Czech Republic

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Czech Republic Swimming passport or waist buy request from Czech Republic

I am looking for company which made swimming passport or waist for man and woman..Do you know any company?

swimming passport , swimming waist

Czech Republic Czech Republic based company looking for t-shirts

We want to buy tshirts

t-shirts , t-shirt

Czech Republic Acrylic blanket required in Czech Republic

Where can you get polyester cover brand from Turkey.

acrylic blanket , blanket , blankets

Czech Republic Jawa motorcycle spare parts required in Czech Republic

Our company is looking for Jawa motorcycle spare parts manufacturer.

jawa parts , motorcycle spares , motorcycle parts

Czech Republic Food products reqıuested to import to Czech republic

I would like to ask you for your opinion to import food products to Czech republic

food products , food , foodstuff , canned vegetables , canned meal , pasta

Czech Republic Perfume import request from Czech Republic

We are looking for manufacturers of perfumes essence imitation of world brands.

perfume , for men , for women

Czech Republic Ready-to-wear items purchasing request from Czech Republic

I'm looking for a suppliers of women's clothing (t-shirts, shirts, dresses, trousers, blouses, cocktail dresses, sweaters and others).

ready-to-wear items , ready wear , clothes , clothing , casual wear , fashion clothing , fashion clothes , t-shirts , shirts , dresses , trousers , blouses , cocktail dresses , sweaters

Czech Republic Women shoes quotation to import to Czech Republic

I’m looking for a manufacturer that can make shoe for my brand according to my design or model specification.

women shoes , leather shoes , shoes

Czech Republic Perfumes demanded to import to Czech Republic

I would like to ask if cooperation is possible and under what conditions.

perfume , perfumes

Czech Republic Quotation of input shaft from Czech Republic

Please offer input shaft from material 45SiCrMo6.

input shaft , shaft

Czech Republic Truck seats double offer request from Czech Republic

In particular we have urgency for the following pieces: - double seat - bracket a-wiper motor - swith a -stalk lever - reinf a-heater unit - The drawings of individual pieces will be sent to the producer - Initial

truck seats , truck seat

Czech Republic Inquiry for HPL compact boards from Czech Republic

We are demanding HPL compact perforated boards with below inquiry details : - Size of boards : 3000 mm (or 3050 mm) x 1200 mm x 6 mm - Core color (body color ) : Black - Surface decoration : birch or ash

hpl compact boards , hpl boards , hpl board

Czech Republic Perfumes to export to Czech Republic

We want to open an internet perfume shop.

perfume , perfumes

Czech Republic Women turbans inquiry from Czech Republic

We inquire women turbans for hairloss women

women turbans , hijab wear , hijab , muslim scarves , islamic scarves

Czech Republic Subframe for axles enquiry from Czech Republic

We need a producer of subrame for new axels.

subframe for axles , subframes

Czech Republic Cotton buy inquiry from Czech Republic

We are very interested in purchasing 100% cotton.


Czech Republic Steel wheel 16" for 4x4 military needed in Czech Republic

I would like to kindly ask you for steel wheel 16".

steel wheel , military vehicle wheels , vehicle wheels , auto wheels

Czech Republic Black airless bottle regular buy inquiry from Czech Republic

I want to find supplier that can suply plastic or glass cosmetic packaging.

black airless bottle , airless bottle , bottle , bottles

Czech Republic Czech Republic to import HPL board from Turkey

I am searching for HPL manufacturer in Turkey.

hpl boards , hpl board , wood products

Czech Republic Cotton fabrics to supply from Turkey to Czech Republic

Please your price list and pattern of beads (cotton fabric)

cotton fabrics , fabrics , fabric , fabrics for clothing

Czech Republic Cotton material for sewing supply from Turkey to Czech Republic

I need 100% cotton material for sewing my product

cotton material for sewing , cotton fabrics , cotton yarns

Czech Republic Czech Republic company want to import led heat sink

We are looking for the best supplier of LED heat sink for our new projects.

led heat sink , heatsink , heat sink

Czech Republic PVC windows inquiry from Czech Republic

We are seeking manufacturers of plastic windows.

pvc windows , pvc window

Czech Republic Lamb meal for pet food enquiry from Czech Republic

We are looking for supplier of lamb meal for pet food

lamb meal , pet food