Lead List

Cameroon Tablecloths and chairs covers inquiry from Cameroon

I would like to have exact prices

tablecloths , chairs covers

Cameroon Importing request of used tyres to Cameroon

We are importer and distributor of general goods looking for secondhand tyres from Rep.of Turkey. supliers whould contact us through mail with price offers.

used tyres , tires , tyres , tire

Cameroon Buying request of clothings to import to Cameroon

I want to have a direct contact with a Turkish supplier. In order to buy on a large scale.

clothings , clothing , clothes , garments , apparels , outerwear

Cameroon Requesting of woman shoes to import to Cameroon

I wish to buy dreses and lady shoes from Turkey to resell in Cameroun

woman shoes , shoes , ladies shoes , formal shoes

Cameroon Buying clothings for woman to import to Cameroon

I wish to buy dreses and lady shoes from Turkey to resell in Cameroun

clothings for woman , ladies clothes , ladies clothing , garments , apparels , outerwear

Cameroon Needing of girls dresses to import to Cameroon

Looking for girls clothes

girls dresses , dresses , dress , kids wear , kids clothes

Cameroon Cleaning equipments request from Cameroon

I will like to have equipment for cleaning service.

cleaning equipments , cleaning products , cleaning materials

Cameroon Medicines amantadine to export to Cameroon

We have concluded a sincere partnership for the purchase and distribution of medicines in Turkey in our country.

medicines , medicine , pharma , pharmaceuticals , amantadine , drugs

Cameroon Flour mixer for bakery buy inquiry from Cameroon

I am a baker. i want 50 kg flower mixer

flour mixer , for bakery , dough production , dough making , making machine

Cameroon Ladies clothing to import in Cameroon

I want to buy and resell Ladies Clothing

ladies clothing , ladies clothes , ladies garments , apparels , clothing , outerwear

Cameroon Bakery equipments buy inquiry from Cameroon

Am a business man by professional dealings with bakery equipment and though my research i funds out that there are manufacturing companies in Turkey that can do investment here in Cameroon

bakery equipments , baking equipments , bakery machines , baking oven

Cameroon Iml label import inquiry from Cameroon

I want to know about your company

iml label , iml , in mould labelling

Cameroon Mastic polyester for car body repairing needed in Cameroon

We want to work with the polyester mastic manufacturer

mastic polyester , car body repairing

Cameroon Disposable cups and plates, forks, spoons request from Cameroon

Please I will like to represent you in my country as sale representative.

disposable cups , disposable plates , disposable forks , disposable spoons

Cameroon Inquiry for electric cheese grater from Cameroon

I am looking for a supplier or manufacturer of an electric parmesan cheese grater. 350w 230V

electric grater , cheese grater , electric cheese grater

Cameroon Company of Cameroon seeking toothpick making machines

Seeking toothpick machines manufacturers

toothpick making , making machines

Cameroon Solar equipments and materials price inquiry from Cameroon

Need suppliers and manufacturers of solar equipment and materials

solar equipments , solar materials , solar systems

Cameroon Electric water heaters to import to Cameroon

We are looking for a company that manufactures electric water heaters for Cameroon 50.80 and 100 liters.

electric , water heaters , water heater , instant , water heater

Cameroon Garden lamps and lighting to import in Cameroon

We are looking for garden lamps and lights

garden lamps , garden lighting , lamps , lamp , lighting

Cameroon City buses buying inquiry from Cameroon

Need supplier for city buses for the upcoming africna cup of nations 2019

city buses , city bus , buses , bus , public transport

Cameroon Engraving machine or laser request from Cameroon

I am currently looking for a mechanical engraving machine or laser, I would like to get in touch with Turkish suppliers.

engraving machine , laser engraving

Cameroon Shoes all kinds offer request from Cameroon

I need a shoes and clothes supplier

shoes , leather shoes , high heel , low heel

Cameroon 3D metal detector price request from Cameroon

I`m looking for walkthough metal detector

3d detector , metal detector , detectors

Cameroon Telecom and satellite broadcasting partnership request from Cameroon

I would like to have partners in the field of telecom and satellite broadcasting

telecom , satellite , broadcasting