Lead List

New Australia Logo printed beach towels to import in Australia

I am interested to get some products printed with our business logo. do you have a website I can look at

logo printed , beach towels , beach towel , towel , towels , printed towel , printed towels

New Australia Energy drinks regular buy inquiry from Australia

If you are interested kindly send me catalogue or pictures or a website link to my personal email address.

energy drinks , energy drink

New Australia Quality biscuits all types to import to Australia

We are looking for the best at the best possible price. A target price of .12 cents (AUD) per packet (not carton).

biscuits , biscuit , creamed biscuits , salty biscuits , sweet biscuits

Australia AC systems for house needed in Australia

Interested in 2 x 30 kW Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Cond systems for a large house. And interested in buying AC Units ongoing. We currently import regularly from Turkey.

ac systems , for house , ac system , air conditioner , air conditioners , air conditioning

Australia Cotton lycra fabrics buy inquiry from Australia

I am trying to source high quality cotton Lycra, rayon Lycra and bamboo Lycra.

cotton fabrics , fabrics , fabric , lycra fabrics

Australia Hydraulic press brake buying inquiry from Australia

We need to to import machines from your company Terms o/a 45 days bill after date by insurance

hydraulic press brake , press brake , hydraulic press brakes , press brakes , hydraulic machine , hydraulic machines

Australia Seed drills offer request from Australia

Please email me information on your seed drills.

seed drills , seed drill , agricultural machines , agricultural equipments

Australia Sugar icumsa monthly buying inquiry from Australia

Please quote for the following wholesale product requirement - Product Name : Sugar Icumsa

sugar icumsa , cane sugar , sugar

Australia Active/gym wear private label production request from Australia

We are looking for high quality active wear/ gym clothing for our brand Iron Heart Sports. We need superior quality products with our branding.

active wear , gym wear , private label , sportswear

Australia Dry pretzels import inquiry from Australia

We are looking for Turkish manafacturers of dry pretzels .

dry pretzels , pretzels , salty pretzels

Australia Chaser bins to hold of grain inquiry from Australia

Looking for chaser bins to hold 15t to 25t of grain with 15" unloading auger

chaser bins , to hold grain , chaser bin

Australia Vegan cheese to supply in Australia

I am looking for a Vegan Cheese supplier or Manufacturer. Are you one of the supplier or manufacturer?

vegan cheese , cheese , dairy products , whole fat , low fat , full fat

Australia Jeans wear clothes request from Australia

Interested inn Clothes Jeans

jeans , denim wear , denim clothes

Australia Terry towels inquiry to import to Australia

Seeking a supplier for Turkish towel, terry one side plain weave on other side

terry towels , terry towel , towel , towels

Australia Quotation of vegan cheese to import to Australia

I am looking for Vegan cheese.

vegan cheese , cheese , dairy products

Australia Baklava dessert in boxes to import to Australia

We are interested to import Baklava in about 400g boxes.

baklava , dessert , in boxes

Australia Islamic dresses import into Australia

I am seeking for a an manufacturer and exporter of Islamic dresses into Australia.

islamic dresses , islamic dress , muslim wear , muslim clothes , muslim clothing , abaya , hijab wear

Australia Beekeeping equipments wholesale import to Australia

We are seeking catalogues, export price lists from Turkish Beekeeping equipment manufacturers.

beekeeping equipments , beekeeping materials , beekeeping products

Australia RFQ for islamic dresses from Australia

I am seeking for a an manufacturer and exporter of Islamic dresses into Australia.

islamic dresses , abaya wear , hijab wear , muslim wear , muslim clothes , muslim clothing

Australia Modern evening dresses purchasing request from Australia

I'm looking at purchasing dresses for my online business and will like to discuss this further with you. They type of dresses are evening, bandage dresses, modern and sexy.

modern dresses , dresses , dress , evening dresses

Australia Islamic dresses import price inquiry from Australia

Need a supplier for a shop in Australia kindly sent products with pricing for Islamic modest dressing

islamic dresses , muslim dress , muslim wear , islamic clothing , hijab wear , abaya

Australia Cotton yarns offer request from Australia

We are in need of yarn supplies for our bussines. I'm interested to know what do you have to offer. Cotton bamboo recycled cotton.

cotton yarns , yarns , yarn

Australia Islamic clothing items buy inquiry from Australia

We would love to feature products on our website for Australian Muslimahs to purchase.

islamic clothing , clothing items , clothes , hijab wear , abaya , garments , apparels , muslim wear , muslim clothes , muslim clothing

Australia Soft drinks flavoured beverages import inquiry from Australia

If you have licensed suppliers that manufacture well known brands of beverages ok you can put the call out to them too.

soft drinks , flavoured beverages , beverages , drinks