Kral Efes travels from hand to hand in Europe

Exporting since its foundation in Denizli ITS Textile manufactures towel, bathrobe and bedding collections.
Kral Efes travels from hand to hand in Europe

Yeliz Ozdemir the General Manager of ITS Textile states that the company started its sales with “Kral Efes” brand for domestic last year and they want to export with “Kral Efes” brand.

Ozdemir expressing that they obtained serious gains from the buying leads on Turkishexporter.Net on their export studies says; “Everything is online indexed now, the most important thing for export was fairs before. However in this global world, we are in a box. We made serious exportations last year to Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Germany. It is possible to receive serious buying leads thanks to your profiles and presentations on Turkishexporter.Net. One of them was the towel group that we sold to a Super Market Chain. After the meetings the company prefers Turkish companies manufacturing cups to basketballs. Because Turkish products are so quality and we need more presentation for more exportation.”

Ozdemir continues that “We sale towels to beauty salons and fitness centers under “Kral Efes” brand. We will carry our brand “Kral Efes” to targeted markets with towel exportation. We consider the leads of South Africa, North Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and other places in the world on Turkishexporter.Net and export. This system is a very big chance for Turkish companies. There is a need of presentation for export. The companies buy according to their 1-2 month needs. Apart from big customers, other companies regard to “due date”. At this very point, Turkey which has a very important logistic position can be preferred instead of Middle East or China.”

Ozdemir stating that Europe is inevitable at exportation says that “At exportation Middle East is an alternative. However, there are differences on usage habits between Middle East and Europe. We do not abandon Europe but target Middle East, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq and our R&D studies continue.”