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Seth Nandram Daulatram Biyani is a well renowned and respectable name in the business line of Potassium Nitrate. The firm has been in existence for over 125 years now and has constantly evolved and has kept itself aligned with the changing business environment.
The Company, founded way back in 1890, had started with the mining of Potassium Nitrate in a small town of

India. Today, after more than a century in these operations, the company stands tall for its Strong Business Ethics, Premium Product Quality, Valued customers and a constant penchant for advancement.
The Management reigns of this company lie in the able hands of Mr. Ashish Biyani and Mr. Nimish Biyani. Mr. Ashish Biyani has a stronghold over the finance and has a passion for the technical manufacturing processes of the manufacturing facility. He holds an MBA in Finance from a reputed institution of India. Mr. Nimish Biyani, on the other hand is a a thoroughly hardworking marketing professional and has found great methods to overcome the toughest of challenges.
SNDB has been growing leaps and bounds and can boast of a global presence today. We have clients all around the globe and we cater to some reputed organizations in India as well.

* Potassium Nitrate Grade I
 Potassium Nitrate Grade II
 Potassium Nitrate Technical Grade (Agricultural Purpose)
 Potassium Nitrate LR Grade*
We are renowned for manufacturing highest quality of Potassium Nitrate with respect to the above mentioned grades.
Potassium nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula KNO3. It is an ionic salt of potassium ions K+ and nitrate ions NO3-. It occurs as a mineral niter and is a natural solid source of nitrogen. Potassium nitrate is one of several nitrogen-containing compounds collectively referred to as saltpeter.
Potassium Nitrate has a variety of Applications in various industries and is being extensively used all across the globe. Some of its major applications are in the following industries:-
1. Fireworks/Pyrotechnic Manufacturing
2. Glass Manufacturing
3. Explosive Manufacturing
4. Fertilizers such as NPK 13:00:45.
5. Food Industry (As a preservative for meats)
6. Pharmaceutical Industries
7. Cigarette Manufacturers
8. Heat Treatment Salts
9. Rocket Propellants
10. Ceramic Frits and many more.

Our Manufacturing facility is located at Hanumangarh Jn., Rajasthan spread over 12,000 square metres of Land. We have a State of the Art Laboratory, Spares Room for Inventory Management, and a designated fully equipped Quality Control Center.
We currently employ approximately 40-50 workers at our Factory and Our Head office in Delhi employs 5-10 professionals.
Doing our bit for the environment, our combustion techniques for all our processes are 100% free of any harmful Emissions as we use the Latest technologies for combustion using the Biomass Gasifier.
We strongly believe in minimizing any sort of Energy Loss. Hence, our drying equipments operate in a Closed Loop system wherein exhaust Gases from our Boilers are fed to a Hot Air Generator, which further increases/decreases the temperature of this air and brings it to the desired level, which is further fed to the Drying Chamber. The same air is rotated in a cyclic pattern in a closed loop system thereby minimizing any energy loss.
We take pride in stating that our Manufacturing Process is technically advanced and we are the first ones in the Country to establish effective Quality Control Parameters at various checkpoints which further help us deliver high product quality.

**Clients and Affiliations**
SNDB has affiliated itself with various organizations to provide a more modern and global outlook of the company in the industry markets.
We have partnered with Swastik Saltpeters who are our official distributors for our products in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, Also known as the Fire City of India..
We have also partnered with Various Star Trading Houses in co

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