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Paolo Benedetti is an internationally renown designer & builder of the World's most luxurious residential water shapes, swimming pools, spas, fountains, and water features. Most of his creations will never be seen by the public at large, as his works of art are secluded from view in the most exclusive private estates on the planet. The worlds' wealthiest individuals, sports stars, moguls of

industry, heads of state, celebrities, and those who just relish the finest things that life has to offer, have commissioned designs from Paolo. A few of those privileged clients have been gracious enough to allow Paolo to post their projects on his website & release them for display in articles featuring Paolo's works... those are the few ones that you'll be lucky enough to review. He is not found in the yellow pages or directory assistance... he is only found through personal referrals & in exclusive little black books.

Paolo has a Degree in Business Management from California State University. He has performed post-graduate studies in the fields of Materials Science, Art History, Architecture, Design & Spatial relationships, Art - Mediums, Materials, & Color Theory, Fluid Dynamics (hydraulics), World History, Geology, Structural Engineering, and Construction Management.

Paolo has continued his professional education in the field of Water Shape Design, by becoming one of the first designers to be certified by the Society of Watershape Designers. He has performed countless forensic case studies of failed swimming pool structures, consulting for property owners & contractors alike. He sits on committees that write & edit the Contractor's Licensing Exam for the State of California. The State of California has qualified him as a "Subject Matter Expert." Paolo has also previously held a Top Secret Security Clearance.

As a prolific writer, he has authored numerous technical articles for swimming pool & construction trade magazines. He writes a monthly column for Water Shapes Magazine, entitled "Solutions," wherein he addresses design & construction issues & offers creative solutions. As a consultant, he has consulted, advised, and designed swimming pools for other swimming pool contractors, architects, and developers. He has even designed the personal pools of other swimming pool contractors - ones that even went onto win international awards for those builders!

He is the principal & founder of Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa. The firm is licensed in California as a General Building Contractor & Swimming Pool Contractor (#721117, classes: B& C-53).
Continuing Education
Paolo travels the world personally visiting the craftsmen, factories, and vendors that he employs - learning firsthand their capabilities and limitations. He travels the globe seeking to expand the horizons of the inspiration for his designs.

For example, Paolo has studied the architecture of the Moors in Istanbul and at the Alhambra & Generalife in Granada, Spain and various sites around Cordoba, Spain; ancient fountains and ruins of Ephesus, the Roman ruins and pools of Aphrodisias; major temples & sites of Egypt; art & tombs of the Etruscans, Phoenesians & Ephesians; the Renaissance Movement, art and the Boboli Gardens in Florence; and the architecture, gardens, & fountains of Versailles. He has studied art, history & the architecture of Paris, from his flat just outside of the city.

He has performed extensive studies of Roman architecture, history, art & mosaics in Spain at the ancient sites of: Italicia, Merida, Cadiz, Toledo, & Seville; in Italy at the sites of Venice, Verona, Rome, Perugia, Milano, Napoli, Monticchiello, Orvieto, Spoleto, Siena, Florence, Como, and Assisi, and various sites in Egypt, France, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, and the Middle East.

He has visited the famous glass factories of Murano, Italy and has toured the glass tile mosaic operations of Bisazza, in Vincenza, Italy. He has toured & inspected the operations of granite/marble qua

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1997 / 1-5

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Aquatic Technology, il Gruppo Acquatico di Disegno

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