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- Alfa Profil has begun its activities in second half of 2001 under the main ship of Alfa Construction with more than 25 years past.
- Our factory is located in İzmir-Pınarbaşı with an occupied area of 35000m² with 100 employees.
- Alfa’s product range consists of pvc, paper and veneer wrapped mdf profiles, skirting boards and panels.
- Beside its standard product range, Alfa designs and

produces special products for special customer purposes by understanding and taking place in their process flow.
- Alfa exports more than 35% of its production to more than 15 countries.
- Alfa’s main resource is people. Our workers are at the center of our quality circles. Alfa’s management does not only respect their work, they also respect their ideas and comments.
- Alfa does not count people as a cost, for Alfa, people mean investment. Alfa applies personal and organisational training programmes and meetings to share the information. By doing this, Alfa enables all its organisation to take place in decision making process ,as they are the ones that will be affected mostly.
- Alfa does not see any of its franchisers as a customer, but as business partners. Alfa cooperates with business partners by taking them into decison making process, and determines long term strategic plans as a result of understanding the market needs.
- Alfa believes that high quality product can be produced by a combination of high quality raw material, correct workmanship and technological production lines.
- Alfa believes that customer satisfaction does not end with sale,it starts with it.
- Beside consumers’ expressed needs, Alfa’s R&D group is working to find their unexpressed needs and to create new designs and products.
- Alfa’s aim is not to be the biggest but to be the best. To achieve this target, we are aware of the importance of the need of three factorrs : efficient usage of the resources , open communication and team work.
- Alfa does not only have a target of increasing its share in the market but also targets to enlarge the whole market by creating different fields of usage of profiles.
- Innovation is and will be Alfa’s key that will open different doors and markets. -The tactics did work and enabled you to succeed in the past, will not work anymore in a devoloping world.
- Alfa is aware of the fact that it needs to change, but we have to do it before it is needed. The companies will survive in the future will not be the ones that are the biggest today, they will be the ones that adjust themselves to global change.
- Alfa knows the importance of countinously changing, and we also know if we want to change our tomorrow, we have to work harder today.

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