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After the development plans put into practice in 1960s, as a result of industrialization and transition to global economy, Turkey began to show an accelerated growth in machining sector as part of the reforms in industry and advanced technology.

Eskişehir, that has been known as one of the cities where these developments in Turkey were most revealed, has broken too many new grounds in

technology and industry such that the first car of Turkey, the first locomotive, the first jet engine renewal, the first F-16 engine, the first chopper parts, the first 4x4 commercial vehicle were all produced in Eskişehirandeven the first high-speed train trip was recognized from and to this city.

Karcan Cutting Tool Company was established in order to manufacture ‘Carbide Cutting Tools’ in 1996 in Eskişehir that has been the center of industry and manufacturing, by our General Manager and CEO, Ümit Gezer. Hence, Karcanmade a history in Turkey as the first cutting tool manufacturer.

Thanks to the accumulated experiences and its innovative identity, Karcan attained its place in the market and began to be effective in cutting tools industry very soon. The rise that began with regrinding services, has extended over being ‘an international company’ able to exactly meet all the demands of the sector as a result of continuously updating equipment and technology used in the manufacturing processes. Our company has been continuing its operations with innovative experts and engineers who have high knowledge and experience over the years at carbide cutting tools; in order to present you guaranteed products on right quality tool concept all the time.

In today’s business world, Karcan Cutting Tools Company is still making its name as a powerful establishment serving all the machining sector from automotive to aviation and space industry, from defense to machining industry.

Karcan Cutting Tool Company is an active establishment providing customer satisfaction with advanced technology, presenting quality products at high precision, enabling economic uses in all the fields and keeping itself open to innovation and developments to bring specific solutions to your problems.

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