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Incorporated as a marketing company in 1998, Hattat Tarım Makinaları A.Ş. achieved a consistent growth since the day of its incorporation. Deciding to engage with the manufacturing stage, the company concluded “Technical Cooperation” agreement with Tractorul UTB S.A, a long-established tractor company of Romania, in year 2001. The tractors manufactured in Çerkezköy plants were presented for sale

in the domestic market with the Universal brand as a result of fulfilling the necessary official documentation and technical transactions in year 2002.

In year 2002, negotiations were initiated with Valtra Inc., Finland as regards Valtra brand, which is one of the most important Tractor brands throughout the World. As a result of such negotiations, a “Technical Cooperation” agreement was concluded with Valtra Inc. in year 2003. In accordance with the mentioned agreement, Hattat Tarım shall become the Turkey distributor of Valtra Inc., the manufactured tractors shall be sold both in the domestic market and several Turkish Republics under Valtra brand, and VALTRA shall purchase the components for the tractors from Hattat Tarım. In year 2004, all manufacturing equipment required for manufacturing the Valtra brand tractors were completed. Afterwards, the manufacturing and sales activities for Valtra "100" and "A" series were initiated. In year 2006, the manufacturing activities for Valtra "100" series were stopped while the manufacturing activities for "A" series picked up speed. Tractors with higher horse power were imported from Finland.

The transmission/differential gear/rear axle/complete hydraulic lifting unit, the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic valves, the hydraulic brake master cylinder and all other hydraulic hardware that form the vital parts of Valtra "A" series tractors are purchased from our sister company Hema Industries and the tractors are manufactured at the Hattat Tarım Çerkezköy plants. In year 2007, the “A” series tractors manufactured to the Valtra standards at Çerkezköy plants according to the “Technical Cooperation” agreement concluded with Valtra Inc. will be sold to the entire World by means of Valtra Inc. sales organization.

100% local tractor manufacturing works were initiated in year 2006 by virtue of the experienced engineer staff taking into consideration the needs of the Turkish farmers. In year 2007, the local tractors were presented to the appreciation of the Turkish farmers under "Hattat" brand.

After manufacturing Hattat A series, which is the first model of Hattat brand, design studies for economic Hattat H series with lower horse power were initiated. All studies and associated documents were completed in year 2008 and Hattat H series started to claim its place at the plantations of Turkey.

In year 2009, 6 new models, which are HATTAT A 50(Compact), HATTAT A 60 (Compact), HATTAT A50B(Orchard), HATTAT A 60B(Orchard), HATTAT A 70, HATTAT A 80, were added to the product range in addition to the Hattat A series which is manufactured locally at the modern manufacturing plants at Çerkezköy.

The models recently added to the Hattat A series product family and manufactured in the range of 65-102 horse power were also presented to the appreciation of the farmers abroad after the farmers in Turkey. Ergonomic Hattat A90, Hattat A100 and Hattat A110 models manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and featuring high lifting capacity managed to achieve high market shares in the short time. The new Hattat A series which managed to become so popular amongst the farmers in the foreign market in such a brief period like two months received the tractor of the year award and cabinet design of the year award in Poland.

Setting forth with the objective of offering a tractor suitable for the needs of each farmer, Hattat Tarım consummated its product range with 9 new models in year 2011, which are HATTAT A 50B(Orchard), HATTAT A 60B(Orchard), Hattat A80B (Orchard), Hattat A55C (Compact), Hattat A65C

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1998 / >1000

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