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General-tech Machinery Co.,Ltd, China

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Improving the quality of Products and Services day by day as per the global standards Where the strength lies in customers` satisfaction.
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an organization based in Qingdao as a leading Machine Tool & machining Metal Parts manufacturer & exporter.
With good quality products,

we are satisfying the domestic clients, as well as the clients from India, South Korea, Macedonia, Japan, etc and we hope you as our new client.
Brief Introduction
Everything started in 1981 in a medium factory for manufacturing light duty lathe machines under the auspices of the municipal government of Qingdao, China. Gradually, considering the needs and interests of our clients, we started with the production of various lathe machines and undertaking machining metal parts.
Our company, Qingdao General-tech Machinery Co ., LTD, reconstructed from the state-owned factory --Qingdao No.1 Machine Tool Factory — a lathe production plant with more than 30 years of experience in machine tool production , is a private joint-stock high-tech enterprise approved by the Qingdao People's Government in 1995.

Now we have two production departments----one for various lathe machines, the other for undertaking machining metal parts.
Our lathe machines mainly include: heavy duty face lathe machines, horizontal lathe machines, Single Column vertical lathe machine, Double Column vertical lathe machine, CNC High Speed Vertical Lathe Machine, CNC lathe Machine, face milling machine, floor-type boring & milling machine and planer milling machine.
Meanwhile, we undertake production of machining metal parts, including various flanges, shafts, rotors, chucks, lathe accessories, valves & Pipe fittings, cable bearer, plumbing parts and other metal parts. You just provide the drawing for metal parts, the rest work will be done by us.

With these product lines we are satisfying the domestic clients, as well as the clients from Turkey, Macedonia, Italy, South Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and South American countries and we hope you as our new client.
We are expecting you as our new clients, so that we can present you our services and products. You can count on us!

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1981 / 101-250

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