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ÖZDİL Energy, Contracting, Trade and Industry Inc. having its main office in Ankara, was founded in 1976, originally as an unincorporated company, but later, in 1993, after 17 years of successful business period, was transformed into an incorporated company.

Since 1976, the company has been awarded by private and public enterprises for numerous contracts both

overhead and underground transmission and distribution networks at low, medium, high and extra high voltage levels, as a contractor on turnkey basis including design, manufacturing, supply and erection of line materials both in Turkey and abroad.

The company has also experience in telecommunication area as a contractor of aerial and underground urban telephone networks, manufacture and erection of special antenna towers, trenching works, construction of LV and MV urban electricity networks, 34.5 kV distribution substations and 154-380 kV transformer substations including social and industrial civil works on turnkey basis and commissioning.

ÖZDİL Company, besides being a contractor for transmission lines and substations, has successfully completed the civil construction works of a four star hotel in Antalya and a trading centre in Ankara. The company has been accepted in the eligible civil contractors short list by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Civil Works.

We, also wish to remark that BOTAŞ (Petroleum Pipeline Corporation) has entitled our company as an eligible company for turnkey delivery of main and distribution systems of natural gas pipeline projects.

A list of contracts both completed and under construction is given as an annex.

With its qualified engineers and technicians, experienced and skilled crews, machinery and equipment and financial capability, the company is eligible to perform all size contracts. Besides carrying out its activities in energy sector, by its new investments in other sectors the company has also taken an important step in the solution of unemployment problem which is very vital for the economy of the country.


1. TÜRKKABLO Co. having its main office in İzmit, is one of the ÖZDİL Group of Companies. TÜRKKABLO was founded in 1963 to meet the domestic needs for aluminum overhead conductors. Since then, the product range has been enlarged and production capacity has been expanded to make TÜRKKABLO one of the major manufacturers in its field in Turkey. Since 1970, TÜRKKABLO products have been exported mainly to the Middle East. The company with 238 personnel, manufactures Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, All Aluminum Conductors, Power Cables for Overhead Lines, Fiber Optic Cables and Telecommunication Cables.

2. One of our steel structure factories is in Ankara-Sarayköy with a yearly capacity of 24.000 m.tons of steel structure manufacture and 36.000 m.tons of hot dip galvanizing, having a covered area of 6.000 m² and 20.000 m² of open manufacturing and stocking area. This factory, ÇEGAL is qualified and experienced for all kinds of overhead line tower fabrication including 400 kV lines and also other similar steel structures.

3. We are also the owner of another steel structure manufacturing and hot dip galvanizing factory in Adana-İncirlik which has a capacity of 30.000 m.tons/year steel structure manufacturing and 36.000 m.tons/year hot dip galvanizing, having a covered area of 12.000 m² and an open area of 37.0

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