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Fabbri City Mentality;
High Quality Products
Technologic Fabrics
Design and produce
Solve creative solutions
Unique and Innovative textures
Functional and Elegant style
Experienced Staff

We have been providing services for the hotel textile products,clothing and expert the nanotechnologic products.We serve the fabrics in a good quality and comfort.
Our experimental staff

,technical equipment and professional work mentality aim is produce long lasting and elegant materials.
We design the best quality fabrics and suitable prices.We get our works seriously as yours.

FabbriCity Department
Human Resources
Product Management and Final Control
Public Relations
FabbriCity Obey the Global Standards in the Textile and Apparel Industry.

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You complete your stylish room with FABBRİCİTY'S unique hotel textiles.

For healty sleep,you choose high quality of the bedding.We use high fill technological material pillows and quilts and wake up relaxing. You link the hotel textile cathegories at the bottom.

Fabbri City Hotel Textile

Standarts of international textile
Modern infrastructurer works
Competitive prices
Goods you want delivery time program
Better market mentality
The range of wide products
Highest customer satisfaction
High quality products

Fabbricity is so happy to show its products to your hotel textile needs.
- Our hotel textile products produce special hotel entertainment and accommodation
- We present our wholesale prices at the best quality hotel textile in the market
-Our first target ; we show the most quality and the most competition textile products

1-The highest quality : Superior quality and customer satisfaction are our slogan.
2-The Term : We quarantee our products delivery time and produce our customers requests.Our firm recompense if delivery and delay problems.
3-Design : We offer stylish design products for your requests with the suitable prices.We fill the fashionable style of products and packs for your firm.
4-Powerful product capacity : We deliver your needs for our experienced control personell with our foreign trade department in the term.
5-Idea connection : We serve the correct products for your hotel needs.We manufacture the samples of the hotel textiles with our professionals and your connections.

Fabbri City Clothing
We complete your stylish clothing with our special designs in confection.You show your difference with our the latest technologic textures coats how to protect cold,jeans how to wear elastic fabric and the modernist style of clothing.
You never give up the comfortable models.Our casual clothes range between 16-35 ages,young and trendy jeans.
The collection of FabbriCity is our label.FabbriCity makes the collections for the seasons.Accordingly FabbriCity introduces own trendy and fashionable products with its machines and hand mades.
FabbriCity produce for its customers requests and deliver the fabrics and accesorries in turnkey.
Some of the producers products only today's mode.We make unique and innovative textures and cause of special choosen and developing materials.
Our mission is create the important theme for the functional and elegan style.We improve the men and woman themselves with simple,good quality and so chick.
We connect avant-garde,inspring clothes with desire,confidental and friendship.
Accordingly we represent Fabbri City at these valves.
At this mission,not only the design the clothes,take photos are important for us.We work with charming,courage be self-confident models.
They turn to mirror our target group of the customers.
FabbriCity make for the women outfits who follow the spirit of the time.We use the high standarts of the materials and careful productions.Athough modern and suitable designs combine the harmony.
You must trust us for creat your style.Fabbricity develops the design with the

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Establishment Date/Number of Staff

2004 / 6-10

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Almanya, Sırbistan, İngiltere

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