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We were one of the pioneers to manufacture Acid Dyes and Solvent Dyes and we are specialist in Nigrosine Base Dyes in India. Our valuable experience has enabled us to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

Our wide range of products includes Nigrosine Black Dye, Nigrosine Black Water Soluble, Nigrosine Black Spirit Soluble, Aniline Salt which includes Nigrosine Black Water Soluble 1060Z,

Nigrosine Black Water Soluble, Acid Black 2 for Water Based Ink, Nigrosine Black (WS) for Leather Dyeing, Acid Black 2 and Solvent Black 5 for Laminate, Nigrosine Black Spirit Soluble and Solvent Black 5, etc.

Veer Dye Chem is manufacturer and exporter of an Azine class of Blue to Black dye named Nigrosine Black Dyes. We manufacturer and supply Nigrosine Dye in three category and different Grade in each category.

Our Product Acid Black 2 is widely used in ink industries:
C.I Acid Black 2 - Water Soluble , Acid Black 2 For Water Based Ink
[Grade: Nigrosine Black WS Crude, Nigrosine Black WS Crude Z tone]
C.I Solvent Black 5 - Alcohol (Spirit) Soluble
C.I Solvent Black 7 - Oil soluble
Applications:Printing Ink, Water base ink, Gravure ink, Ball point pen ink, Solvent marker pen ink, Water sign pen ink, Industrial special ink and jet printer ink
Office Accessories - Carbon paper, Printer ribbon ink, Toners
Paints - Wood stain, Rubber stain
Oil and Wax Products - Shoe Polish

Nigrosine Black Spirit Soluble

We Offer Nigrosine Black Spirit Soluble in very Fine powder form. It is available in Bright Bluish Black tone. Extensively used in Bakelite (Phenolic) Molding Powders.
It is also used for coloration of Bakelite plastics, urea molding powder, melamine molding powder, marking inks, leather coatings etc.
It can be easily dissolved in ethanol, methanol, cello solve, benzyl alcohol, diacetone alcohol and phenyl ethyl alcohol. It is also soluble in oleic & stearic acid. It is soluble in Phenolic and Urea resins. It gives durable black gloss.

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