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EMPO wire machines, iron machines, wire processing machines, ironworking machines, wire straightening machines, wire cutting machines, wire drawing machines, wire drawing machines, wire mesh machines, wire mesh welding machines, bending machines, bending machines, iron shears manufactures and exports wire drawing machines, wire straightening machines, wire drawing machines, wire drawing machines,

steel wire mesh welding machines, spinning machines, bending machines, iron cutting machines, wire machines, iron machines ... Gülsuna Engineering, in 1982 Halil Gülsuna and Hayri Gülsuna founded the machinery manufacturing workshop 33 years ago and passed the activity in Çukurova region. Thanks to the great experience gained from the food factories, Empo Ltd. Sti. It was founded in 1988 in Mersin. During the first years of its installation, it has realized the production of wastewater treatment, pool filtration related machinery and facilities. Our company, which has a great experience in this field, combines its manufacturing experience with its knowledge, Food, mining, wire and iron processing sectors and has completed its production in the field of machinery and facilities. The machines that have been designed in the wire and iron processing sector have proved their quality both in domestic and in the world market. The high-tech iron processing machinery and facilities it has produced in recent years; has also become a company known throughout the world, mainly in western Europe, West Asia, Africa, Black Sea countries, and carries out machinery sales, through its partners in Albania. Today, EMPO Ltd. Sti. experience and technology 2. 2. generation engineers and managers and the world's need for machinery and services are provided. Empo Ltd. continues its production with CNC machines. The primary objective of Şti. Is to build high quality, high production capacity machinery and facilities with high design ability and productivity in its field, working with result focused and trying to reach customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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1988 / 11-25

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Uray / 3340076693

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Garanti, Yapı Kredi, TEB, Halk Bank


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AddressÖzgürlük Mh, Keresteciler Sitesi, 6209 Sok., No: 3, Mersin, TürkiyeCountryTurkeyCityMersinPostal Code33020