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UNICHEM (UNICEM CHEMICALS LTD.) was established in Istanbul - Turkey, in 1993, to produce cleaning and hygiene materials mainly for industrial & institutional customers.

UNICHEM has a product portfolio of nearly 180 products, in mainly professional hygiene and cleaning sector, which are introduced in over 350 different packagings. UNICHEM also has a developing household (domestic)

product portfolio, which was introduced to the market in 2004.
UNICHEM has been accredited by ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 International Environmental Management Standard and ISO 18001:2004 Occupational Health and Safety Standard.

The whole product range of UNICHEM is described as follows:

1. Industrial (Professional) Hygiene Products: The products in this group are for professional consumers, such as hotels, holiday villages etc.; catering and contract cleaning companies, hospitals, restaurants, schools. UNICHEM Professional products offer top quality and best performances, along with remarkable price advantages.
2. UNICHEM Powder Detergents: Powder detergents in this group are to serve both industrial and householders. They are offered at better prices compared to indsutrial powder detergents.
3. RUBİ Professional Products: This range contains alternative products for both industrial and household market. Showing very good performances, RUBİ Products still have very good price levels.
4. BLUE POOL Products: “Good and cheap” describes this group of products properly. BLUE POOL & BLUE POOL CARMINA lines has nearly 10 commonly used liquid cleaners.
5. UNICHEM Food & Beverage Industry Hygiene Systems: All kinds of cleaners, disinfectant products, heavy duty products and personal hygiene systems are included for the need of the concerned factories.
6. UNICHEM Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry Products: Regular cleaners, grease and dirt removers, dust removers and a number of special purpose chemicals, as well as personal hygiene and cleaning products.
7. UNICHEM Car Care Products: External car washing detergents in which there is outstanding brushless car washing system, internal car cleaners, wax removers.
8. BLUE POOL Swimming Pool Care Products: Chlorine based disinfectants, moss preventer, fitler cleaner, pH decreaser and increaser, brightener.

General principles of production of UNICHEM are summarized below:
• Products are designed and produced with the respect to environment. Biodegradebility of substantial amount of our products are %100.
• UNICHEM adopts and applies the latest technologies introduced to the world.
• New formulas designed by the R&D Department are tested together with several customers who are experts about the concerned types of products. After the new formula passes all of these tests, including cleaning or disinfection performance, matchibility of fragrance and general physical properties; then the formula takes place in our portfolio.
• Keeping the standards of production at the top level and using the most updated technology enable us to introduce products which are substantially better than rivals in quality of cleaning and cost of use.

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