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This company was organized by Mr. Ismet Tiryaki in 1982.Accesory′s "AK" and electric′s "EL" syllables have been come together. The organizer whose name is Mr. Ismet Tiryaki improved by himself at this work. He had been as an apprentice, an assistant master and he organized his own company with these experiences and accumulations. At the starting, the company

offered to serve about accessory and electric stuffs. Step by step, Portfoy of the customers had been changed so the company considered important to the stuffs of accessory less than the stuffs of electric. Essentially, Symbol of the company projected for electric stuffs because of this reason later. We have been offering all kind of the stuffs of working machine for customers. For example Komatsu, CAT, Kawasaki, Hitachi, Samsung, Hyundai, Lister Peter, Aksa Generators, Cummins, Mercedes etc. ... Akel has been importing some parts of products from abroad. The company has been offering to these products with own their personals, equipments and tools for customers. In the course of time, Akel had made production for customers. At the starting, the company was manufacturing their products as fason, but now the company is making production in own their factory in Ostim, ANKARA. Akel has been manufacturing lots of parts. For example, Stop Solenoids, Work lamps, Starter motors, Starter solenoids, armatures, brush holders, housings, starter drivers, field coils, Alternators, stators, rotors, alternator housings, gauges, sensors, backup alarms Production, selling and The duties after the selling (All of them) try to catch the perfect quality for satisfying of customers. We have been listening advices, complaints from customers. The aim of listening to customers is improving our company and we hope we will have more customers. Not only we just operate as a wholesaler in local area but, we have also been starting to attend to the international for exporting .We have been exporting to our own products whether Europe or most of Arabic Countries. By the way , we have been contributing to the economy of country. There are some countries which we have been exporting; Iran, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Germany, England, and something like these countries. Step by step we have been developing to our market.

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Komatsu, Caterpillar, Nikko, Sawafuji, Delco Remy, Starter motor, Stop solenoids, Shyno Start

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iran, UK, Irak, Germany, S.Africa


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