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Wood, if it is in the hands of its masters, would be the word of the trees, become the essence of healthy and long lasting furniture and the lace of the houses.
To know the language of wood requires labor.
And this can be learned only by those who knows how to touch it
The story of Demircan starts in 1975 with manual labor; when we learned to convey the word of the tree to people by producing

healthy and handy furniture and when we touch the wood and inhale its sawdust.
Meanwhile the world changes…
80-90’s passes by and 2000 arrives.
Technology dominates the production; hand production cannot keeps up with the technology.
Demircan gets acquainted with technology and begins to use it with the same proficiency as it has in hand production.
It gathers the best experts under its roof.
Since it knows that just producing is not enough and besides the knowledge, technology and intelligence it knows to understand the language of wood is very important in production.So it works with people who understands that language.
The ever increasing capacity creates new partnerships.
But Demircan knows that the most important partner of human is nature so
that humanity will lost as the world losts.
It is already prepared for tomorrow’s world with its production concept which was built without any sacrifice in terms of respect for environment, life and all living creatures.
Demircan knows that partner business requires reliance and reliance requires reference.Today, the production realized in facilities built on 25.000 m² area has the capacity to meet the requirements of construction projects with all magnitude.
Demircan cares to use unique and ergonomic designs in its production. Since it respects the labor of its team that contains professional competence in itself, from production to sales, from montage to after sales service, it works in harmony with all of them. It stands by his word against any mistakes in any process, it never leaves its project partners in the lurch.
Demircan knows that its business is related with human beings,
that every family needs a home, every home needs a family;
and contributes to happy families by turning constructions to houses, houses to homes.
Demircan managed to be always one step ahead and knows that the reputation it achieved without sacrificing from the principles of commercial ethics and customer satisfaction is the warrant of everything he will do in future.

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