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We have produced stainless steel sanitary water cooling devices, operating system and the need to design, is a first in Turkey and around the world, the oven is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industr
The most important feature is the cylindrical design of the cooling operation in a hygienic way and part of the way around the water tank is

taking place.
There are three models in the mass production of our devices and MCC MS-C300-D600 ML-X900 model, our model, our 3-part water-cooled 4-piece is in the way.
The device can operate in a healthier microscopic digital thermostat for the cooling process is controlled.
Our device has a digital thermostat installed on the compressor, defrost program automatically at certain intervals of standing water cooling with ice, which is made ​​by dissolving in water to the surface removes the piece. (this water through the device is a second cooling capacity is obtained.)
When users start using the device with cold water from the water mains water float device (float) by completing the dumped onto the surface of the ice, so the ice has melted place the pre-cooling is happening.
Note: The machine program provided giving rise to the surface of the ice, ie lowering the temperature of the tap water used in pre-cooling would have.

Device to save energy when it comes to the surface, the ice made ​​possible the pre-cooling the machine's superior technical characteristics in light of the test result serpentine cooling devices compared to 70% electricity savings was observed.
Device malfunction forcing them; condenser (radiator) pollution, fan motor failure, gas leak in such cases the device plug that we have combined switch power off the machine (compressor) to safeguard and possible compressor failure can be prevented.
That may arise in the future float (float) failure considering such cases, any electrical problems that spill water through the machine to the machine for survival flooding has been put out. In this way, rather than through the machine standpipe water will flow from the event due to a possible overflow is prevented.

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