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Öpçin Mobilya, who has been operating within Öpçin Group, has begun its initial activities in a plant covering a land of 1000 m2 in Alanya-Konaklı in 1993. Öpçin Mobilya, which aims to “be the best in its work area” and does not sacrifice its concept of “qualified product” and “qualified service” on this path, has increased its indoor manufacturing area to 15000 m2 by growing with the increasing


Achieving to be one of the companies that direct the sector and follow innovative technologies and researches constantly, Öpçin Mobilya is still growing by extending the range in its commitment and design group products.

Open to the changes required by this present age, Öpçin Mobilya, as being aware of the fact that the aesthetic appearance and the functionality are two integral factors, thus presents its quality to the taste of all its customers with alternative designs suitable for all needs and tastes.

Manufacturing pleasant and eye-catching products together with its expert and educated staff without losing the excitement of the first day, Öpçin Mobilya is proud of manufacturing safe, trouble-free and qualified products in Turkey and all over the world with a quality and service concept that is worthy of its name.


Öpçin Mobilya has increased the capacity of its manufacturing facilities, which was initially 1000 m2 in Alanya-Konaklı, to 15000 m2 by growing with the increasing demand and by establishing a new facility in Antalya. Öpçin Mobilya, which is continuing its manufacturing activities by following innovative technologies constantly, is still growing while adding a new dream to the previous ones every passing day.

Adopting product submission with the high quality service concept as its principle, Öpçin Mobilya has a capacity of manufacturing furniture for 3500 hotel rooms with 5 stars and 6 ordinary room.

Materials, carefully selected to be used in its products, are being tested in any kind of way in compliance with the standards. Our company believes that the usage of the most developed manufacturing technologies is of utmost importance in order to compete in the international market as well as in Turkey. Our company, which is manufacturing commitment and design group products in the internal and external market, has established a reasonable presence in the sector by furnishing many hotels, holiday villages and other special procets, among which there are some major facilities.

Quality and Our Commitment

With its total qualiy management philosophy from past to present, Öpçin Mobilya has adopted the principle to present safe, trouble-free and proper products to its customers with its personnel each of which is expert in his/her domain, by giving particular importance to the service. It is in a rapid progress to become a wanted brand in the sector with its modern manufacturing facilities of the latest technology.

We, as Öpçin Mobilya Administration, undertake that we shall follow the developing technologies in the sectors in which we operate, strengthen our brand, be a company that improves its quality constantly with its personnel and business partners and that we always set the customer satisfaction as our first target.

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1965 / 0-5

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TS EN ISO 14001:2004, TS EN ISO 9001:2008, BM TRADA

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