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We, as YUNEL LTD., STI, are a leading manufacturing company located in Ankara - TURKEY and serving to the industries dealing with solid material handling and processing for 24 years. We have a very wide Customer portfolio because of the huge variety of manufacturers. Our main customers are Cement Factories, Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Food, Ores and Mines, Quarries,

Iron and Steel, Chemical Industries, Textile, Food, Inorganic Fertilizers, M.D.F., Plastics, Rubber Processing, Plaster and Gypsum, Machine Shops and Foundries, Pharmaceuticals, Contracting Firms… etc.

We have been delivering our systems to our customers located in Turkey together with Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Libya, Jordan, Iraq and Syria.

Another superiority of Yunel is to respond the Customers within 24 hours no matter what is the location of them.

Main Products are:
1 – Magnetic Metal Separators for removing of the tramp metals coming with the material through conveyors and other applications such as channels, chutes…etc.
2 – Metal Detectors used for conveyor and pipeline applications to detect the ferrous and nonferrous metallic impurities. These can be industrial type and very sensitive for specific industries such as food, beverages and textile
3 – Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Loaders are utilized to regain the spoiled material around the indoor and outdoor facilities up to 600 meter distances. Two features in one machine will be available as suction of both dry and wet material.
4 – Air Cannons or Blasters are high air shock generators to prevent sticking, rat holing and arching inside the silos, bins, chutes and channels.
5 – Sampling Stations are new generation representative sample increment extracting systems different from the mechanical and conventional sample increment gathering systems both in applicability and failure free operation.
6 – Automatic Silo Level Indicators are the systems to measure the level of the material inside the silo as cm’s to control the feeding and unloading of the silos.
7 – Crushers are modular hammer mills designed to decrease the particle size into required value with specific capacities, mainly accompanying to the sample stations.
8 – Rotary Cone Dividers are designed to allocate the same amount of the material gathered from a conveyor belt. The dividing can be done into several portions.
9 – Belt Scales and Dozing Belts are used to measure the tonnage and quantity of flow of the material coming together with the conveyor with very high accuracy
10 – Impact Plate Flow Meters are used to measure the tonnage and quantity of the flow of the material coming as bulk from the loading point with very high accuracy
11 – Belt Cleaners are special belt scrapers for removal of the sticky material from the surface of the belt.
12 – Magnetic Coolant Separators are used to extract the ferrometallic impurities from the coolant liquid of the machines such as presses…etc.
13 – Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used to handle the profiles and plates from the ground to another location for different weights.
14 – Magnetic Drums are utilized to recover magnetic ores from the slurries with high magnetic circuit design, especially in coal processing.

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Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Syria.


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